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In a case such as this , the decision must be based on protecting the public. What would the Judge think if this person injuried or killed his Grandchild when she got out. What if she ran around shooting a gun in the air?
Ten years ago yesterday my son was killed by a drunk driver. When the offender went to jail for 3 1/2 years some thought it was too long. My sons killer has been out of jail enjoying life for over six years now. Yesterday, I visited my son in the cemetery. Who do you think got the worst deal??
Sorry but drunk drivers are crimals that cause property damage, injury and death. Why do we want to defend them. Perhaps those who express concerns about sentences are just protecting the person they see in the mirror

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It's is the approach that is unbelievable. Why not organize 1000 teachers for 45 days and pay them $20,000 to "develop" the test? They could do it over the summer. . From what I read they know what is needed. They are very,very well educated. The cost of this approach would be $20.M. The teachers would be paid $ 55/hr to do this work. As a matter of fact at $200M they could do this work for 10 summers.
Hiring a firm for over $200,000,000 is unbelievable. What are the professional fees to develop this test?? If the fee is $250/hr on average that a total of 800,000 hours. That is equiv to 400 people working full time for one year. or 200 people for 2 years.
Staying within the spirit of the sites policy, I will simply say the State is urinating our tax $$$$ away. This is why we need a tax revolt.

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Straight Shooter, I would like to add to your list of competitive industries in Pennsylvania that have disappeared with union representation: Steel, Garment, Energy...... Does anyone realize that only one electric utility serving Pa has it's headquarters in PA? Less than 10 years ago, each Electric Company had it headquarters in PA.

The government is the only employer that thrives with union representation!!! Taxpayers i.e the customer suffers. With regards to the global economy how can we expect students to be ready to compete when they are subjected to a union culture for 1 7 years of their education. The culture is we need more money. less accountablity and no performance reviews.

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Sorry Snyder Girl His admission lead to the settlement of the $5.5 M law suit. . My bigger point is that we have elected bad actors who offices that are important. I dont care if he had 10 nmistresses. He shouldnt have been our Congressman. He put our future at risk. He wasnt the only one. We need to get good, honest conservatives back in office.

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This is a case where we have a left-leaning Democrat in a conservative District because the incumbent Congressman Sherwood enjoyed beating-up his mistress. The Congressman and his constiuents are out of sync. He MUST be voted out. He was elected as a knee jerk reaction to the bad behavior of another. He must go or these types of exchanges will continue. It is time for us voters to vote these guys out. I loved his John Kerry stateemt" I voted against it before I voted for it"

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Yes, the drive-up window is great. Feedback that I recieved from a elderly parent is that the window is designed to keep people out of the office. The staff is totally out of touch and incompetent. Multiple requests for informationare met with blank stares. The window should have a curtain so it can be closed.Murphy was elected in a one party town.

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As a resident of Luzerne County, I search for a silver lining.Perhaps this probe will eradicate the cancer. The cancer has been found in every branch of govrnment and is now moving into our schools. I think it is a JOKE that Legislators run around talking about REFORM!!! We dont need reform to eliminate the crimes and corruption carried out by the people we trust. We need honest officials with the highest of morals. I am sick of elected officials blaming thier misbehavior on others: Lobbyist, consitientuents, We need to replace the crimals with people who have values. Forget about running around with REFORM legislations. We have laws and morality. Start do the right things. We need to be more active and vocal!!!

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Are we saying she was an outstanding Lobbist and she didnt know where the money was coming from or going to. Again, perhaps I am being played.Lobbyist pay to play

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Tom Jefferson, I hope you are kidding. What value does she produce for a salary of $103,000. With benefits and future costs she income is $175,000. What do we get for this salary? Filling "vacancies" is bureaucratic speak. The person she is replace wasn't needed either. It is called "waste"