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i don't want to see that either. but even without obamacare, medicaid/medicare are going broke because of the irresponsible things done in the past, and yes, bush and the republican congress also gave it a healthy shove toward the edge of the cliff.

shared sacrifice is what is required, and what is right. instead of doing any of that, we're headed toward giving even more away, and continuing to mortgage the future of this country.

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a moto i learned a long time ago that i think is true. it isn't how you screw up, it's how you recover that is important.

hey, we all make mistakes and it isn't limited to the inexperience of youth. i remain hopeful that people will see the error of giving so much power to the president through a congress dominated by people that think its a good idea to bankrupt the country. between now and 2010 we just need to remind everyone that the consequences of failure are high for everyone, and of grave consequence to younger folks that will be stuck with paying the tab.

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to steal a line from our president - i want to say i'm sorry. sorry to anyone younger than the baby boomers and especially those under 30. i've read a number of postings from younger folks and i want to applaud your enthusiasm. if you're under 30, i just want to say that many of the people older than you are not living up to our collective responsibilities. it is not our right, to milk this country to death, and leave you with the bill. take none of the responsibility and all of the benefits without making any of the sacrifice.

you have a right to demand results and take no excuses. you deserve to be angry because your future is being mortgage and the debt being wracked up at record pace means you'll be inheriting a country that is significantly diminished from the one our parents gave to us.

no doubt, this is still the greatest place on earth, but we are rapidly becoming france. my only desire regarding france is taking back Normandy, which we fought and died for once already, other than that, i'm happy for the french who love their country (unless they're not getting their 35 hour work week, guaranteed for life job, their guaranteed for life health care...when they riot, burn, get my point). i don't want france for you or for my kids.

if you're under 30 feel free to be upset with older people that are wrecking your country because they're too lazy, or too busy, or too comfortable with things as they are. it isn't acceptable, and no excuse should be sufficient to allow us to stick you with living in france when you were born in the united states.

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i'm sorry that people in washington continue to mortgage your future to support adults that aren't responsible enough to manage for themselves. i can only tell you that not everyone older than you is looking to skate on our responsibilities to fix this country during our time, rather than just borrowing money we'll never live to pay back, and sticking you with the bill.

i'll play parent because i have daughters and although i trust your mom has guided you well, i'll give you a piece of advise. education is the ultimate equalizer. an education can take you places nothing else can. so bust your butt in school, and live a life filled with learning new things. a decent education, and hard work can lift you to places that are not available to so many people in this world. it is the reason that our country is still the best place on earth to live and grow up.

while you're working hard in school, the adults that are responsible, will do what we can to leave you the country our parents gave us. one that is free, where you can carry yourself to places your parents could not, and not leave you holding the bag, because we didn't have the courage and fortitude to fix it ourselves. hold us responsible, don't except excuses, demand results.

to steal a line from our president - i want to say i'm sorry that we've been letting you down. many of us are trying to keep the promise of an america that is as good as the one gifted to us by our parents.

register to vote the day you turn 18, and then vote.

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o'reilly gave her a ton of crap about the earlier bone headed terrorist comments for one of the early presidential news conferences. and it was pretty lame what she said. to be fair and balanced, i hope bill gives her some kuddo's for giving gibbs all the flack she did. she called what they're doing a shame, and rightly so. way to go helen.

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i guess curling up in a ball in the corner is an option. i'm going out with dignity, on my own terms and fighting it all the way. if news coverage is your measure, then you're not going to be satisfied until you change and embrace the planned economy, obanomics, etc. because those are the stories the main stream is interested in covering. let them think we're a couple of nut jobs. same with the knitwits in congress. i'd rather they didn't see us coming. let them stay blissfully asleep and un-aware of the storm that is coming next november. don't be fooled in measuring the strength or weakness of what is happening by news coverage. keep the faith, you aren't alone.

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"land of the free and the home of the brave" - not the land of the broke, the land of the bailout, the land of the dependent. still a great country and still a great time to be an american. i read a few of the other notes complaining about tea party coverage on tv. if you're upset it wasn't covered, please consider an alternate view that i hope makes you feel better. anonymity is an asset. you think the morons in congress will figure out what is wrong with anything short of 24X7 coverage of something on network news? doubtful, and for the ones dumb enough to ignore the will of the people, they'll reap their rewards in 2010. being a sleeper movement isn't a bad thing, unless of course you're the congress not paying attention, and the people we want to get to most are the same ones we want to stay pre-occupied in their little fantasy land of tax and spend. i'd rather sneak up on them and crack them square on the head with a resounding defeat at the polls than to get 2 minutes on the news. the network news isn't stealing the american dream from our kids, the fools we let stay in congress who voted for the porkulas, cap & tax, cash for klunkers, etc. are responsible. we have to stop them.

take the strength and solace of knowing you are in the right. don't be upset that the same knuckleheads that paid no attention on 4/15 paid no attention on 7/4. they'll be paying attention next november and for those who don't get it before then, i wish them the best of luck in their new advocation after getting their terms limited by being voted out of office.

enjoy the freedom that comes with living in the greatest place on earth and be as vigilant in your responsibility as citizens as the 1000s of young men and women manning a post in someplace most americans have never heard of or could pronounce are doing theirs. keep the faith, keep writing and calling your congress person, senators, local reps. and show up at an event where and when you can.

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i sat with a friend last night and we discussed our parents. both our fathers fought in WWII and all our parents grew up during the depression. we talked about the state of our country, and we reflected on the lives of our parents and the lessons they taught us about the lives they lived in what we both believe to still be the greatest country on earth. i believe i have lived the dream. i grew up poor. had no idea i was poor, i was too busy going to school, working hard to get decent grades and enjoying the life that kids should live. i've recently learned that i'm wealthy, at least according to president obama. i'm rich because since age 18 i've never had less than 2 jobs. i own my business and i still work a part-time job.

here is my question to anyone that reads this. is our generation, the baby boomers, born of the arguably one of the greatest, if not the greatest generation of americans, going to be the generation that sucked the life out of the future of our country, or are we going to be the ones that make the sacrifice our parents made and fix things?

i don't want freebies. i don't want any of the crap being handed out. the va sent me a check for $250 that i didn't ask for, that some vote seeking loser put in that insane porkulas bill. i deposited it into my oldest daughters college account. it isn't my money, it's hers. those idiots in DC borrowed it from her to give to me. i brought my children into this world because i wanted them to enjoy the life my parents gifted to me. a country where a dumb, poor kid from no where can do whatever their attitude and aptitude allows them to achieve. i for one am going to fight because i believe that we are at a crossroad. i pay a ton of $$ for health care. guess why? because my family needs it, and i'm responsible for my family. duh. what a concept, responsibility. don't go quietly, i'm sure as hell not. i don't care what party they're from, if they voted for the stimulus, cap & trade or any of the other give aways of our money, get rid of them in 2010.

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how about let's get off our collective asses and put in constitutional term limits, and put election day on 4/16. i agree with your recommendation but the need to stop trying to take shortcuts isn't getting to the heart of the issue. once in, they represent their own interests and not the interests of the represented. i don't think as smart and farsighted as the framers were, that they could have envisioned the perversion that has taken place with the representational democracy we are now faced with. i think that there should be no pre-printed ballets. you have to write it in. if you're not smart enough, or literate, to be able to spell the name of the person who will be able to screw up your life, and the lives of your (and mine and yours) children and grand children, then i'm sorry, you' re not entitled to vote.

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I'm hosting a 1 man march to Lafayette Park across the street from the White House on tax day. I own my business and work a part time job to make ends meet. This country is heading to a debt so large my children will not live the American dream my parents, and your parents gave to us. This debt is our debt, it is our burden to bear, not our children and beyond. The spending is totally out of control. I believe everyone should pay their fair share, but this congress, empowered by this administration, is going to spend and tax us into a hole our children will never be able to work off. I've read a number of the other postings, and I applaud everyone that is taking the time to make a statement. These people are sucking the life out of our country, they need to be told that we (the people paying the bills) aren't going to let them piss away our children's future because no one will make a hard choice. "I'll cut the deficit to $500 billion per year." He say's it like he's announcing a cure for cancer, something to be proud of. How about telling us how you're going to balance it, and then put it to surplus by the time you leave office? I lied about 1 man, I'm telling my employees that they have the afternoon off with pay, as long as they come with me.