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Aren't these people the same people who piss and whine about states' rights all the time? Because Article IV is pretty fucking clear about states having to give full faith and credit to the public records of other states. So Arizona is totally trying to infringe of the rights of other states to set their birth records up as they damn well please.

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Well, you're an American, but you're not an AMERICAN American. No immigrant's child is American enough to be President*.

* Except for Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, James Buchanan, Chester Arthur, Woodrow Wilson and Herbert Hoover, of course.

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I'll be willing to support more nuclear power if we start remembering that it's not just the fucking reactor we have to be insanely paranoid about, it's all the other equipment needed to keep the reactor functioning properly. The reactors took the impact just fine, but the dumbfuck who decided it was a great idea to put really important shit like the backup generator on low ground needs to stand on a platform and let the entire population of Japan kick them in the ass. I'm sure the Japanese would queue as patiently for that as they have been for drinking water.

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I don't know how to begin expressing how weirded out I am that his mistress could have been a high school classmate of mine. Fucking hell, she looks like half the girls I know.

I really should see if any of my Marquette-attending classmates ever met her and if they can give me hilarious details.

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I'm a moron about law, but by invalidating the original Wisconsin law granting public sector unions collective bargaining rights (it's Section 111.70 of the State Statutes), haven't the Republicans also just given public sector unions their right to strike back? Because that was the exchange back in the 1960s - collective bargaining rights = no strikes.

.... I guess on the bright side we may shake off that whole "mindnumbingly sedate" reputation we got back when we had reasonably good leadership!

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Actually, the brave souls at Fox News are completely right. Wisconsin doesn't want outsiders with their lactose intolerance and non-Packers football jerseys moving here, so we greatly exaggerate the extent of our winters. The long-sleeved shirt, wool sweater and scarf I am currently wearing are an illusion achieved with smoke and mirrors; I am in fact actually wearing a bikini.

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You're assuming they actually know how to work a tape measure, or know how to google "average length car".

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Having once been the guest of the Madison police department (for two hours - it was Halloween, these things happen) I can testify that they're aggressively reasonable most of the time, so I'm not surprised by their refusal to break the law for Walker at all. Damn Midwestern good manners.

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I met the guy once at a Madison political thing (fellow Wisconsinite). The thing about Reince Priebus is that as soon as you meet him you cannot imagine him being named anything but Reince Priebus. He fills a reince-shaped void in the priebus. I don't know how else to explain it.

Also, he is a gigantic asshole, but that's only to be expected.