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Impossible. That dude's belly-up to the table. He can't help it.

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But just think of how hot all those brown babies will be when they grow up!

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Hooray for last night! Was nice meeting you and everyone else. It's probably best that the meetup ended at 9:30 so nobody saw my shameful slide into a complete drunk. Let's just say I wound up in west hollywood, "misplaced" my credit card and ID, and made out with a Peruvian. Oh, and I just got home.

This is why I never go to LA anymore. Shit like this is inevitable.

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Goddammit, I suppose this means I have to do the laundry this month.... I'll do my best to be there. Wonkette Smokeout starts at 9:31 right?

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Mmm, yes, give us your delicious water, it's absolutely imperative for survival! I mean, have you seen how dry my lawn has been looking lately? The ladies at the homeowner's association are not pleased.

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Nope, not enough. The spice must flow!

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Yay! I get to be part of mexico! Where the brown boys at?!

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I'm hoping that the Evangelist-on-Catholic violence here will help spur a Northern Ireland-style religious melee free-for-all. Only diff is Texans are WAY bigger and whiter than their potato-eating unamerican forefathers.

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Tacos al carbon-dated dead sea scrolls? No?

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Mormon Fact of the Day: Did you know that Mormons also refer to "non-believers" as gentiles? Take THAT Jews! Stealin yer lingo. I wonder if that makes Jews gentiles from their PoV. Hrm...