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So excited for this. Easily my favorite book in the series.

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I won't be commenting further on this post, but I wanted to say that I've reread my initial comment a few times, and I can see where my wording implied that commenting = lack of disability. That wasn't my intention, but intention isn't magic, so I apologize for my lack of clarity and clumsily chosen words.

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I've also refrained from commenting due to mental health issues, and the implication that the only people whose opinions matter are those who commented because they either don't have mental health issues, or have managed to push past their mental health issues is also ableist as fuck.

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...I'm sorry, are you saying that the only supporters of this site whose opinions should be taken into account are those who don't find it anxiety-inducing or uncomfortable or emotionally draining to participate in very active comments sections, particularly ones that have become as emotionally fraught as these have in the last few weeks?

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God, my high school self had such a thing for Mr. Sark. There's just somethin' 'bout a well-dressed man, y'know?

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Series spoilers:

Pna fur trg n inpngvba? YVxr n gevc gb fbzr gebcvpny ybpngvba jurer fur pna unat bhg ba gur fuber naq qevax znetnevgnf naq ABG UNIR GB QRNY JVGU NAL BS GUVF OHYYFUVG?

Jryy, riraghnyyl...

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I cannot fully convey my sheer joy & relief at this casting. I just...gah. Words fail me. I'm just so happy right now.

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The author did a very thorough job of tagging, so I won't add any trigger warnings here. I hope you enjoy it!

Here's a link (if you need it):

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Oh, I wasn't clear - I read & bookmarked the series last November. I was agreeing that it is amazing and a favorite. Sorry for the confusion.

Have you read 'Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail'?

(The drawback to all of this amazing fic, of course, is that the MCU never quite lives up to the quality and depth of characterization.)