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maybe this explains the 13 trillion that is missing from the Fed, which justifies Bernakes forceful resistance to an audit of the fed..A sort of secret fund to pay various incentives,i.e. payoffs to various voting blocks and endorsers to HC (AARP,AMA(only29% of physicians),cap& tax (special corp ,(GEvarious Green industries),community orgs, UAW,SEIU,Czars payroll and now seniors( $250/one time in lieu of COLA), Pay to Play Chicago Thugocracy!!!

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Is that you Billy Ayers?

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One little problem muff, all your citations are based on biblical interpretation done by "the Flesh", in other worlds, they are merely humanistic , thus imperfect & downright flawed by their origin.. The Good News message is very simple, really ..A guide to live by ,as given to us from the True Messiah, Jesus Christ, all we can accomplish in our imperfect human state is to SEEK perfection through Christ, none will attain it while here on earth.. Lord please return ,soon.

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I don't believe for a minute that this ban originated with the manager. Is anyone else curious as to the "worldview" and/or nationality & allegiance of the complex owner??? It sure isn't to the great United States of America. May God continue to bless our country ans protect those who are sacrificing SO much every day to protect us,during these dangerous times..

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Great suggestion, StinkEye(loveurhandleLOL) and US/ArmyMom(pls thank ur bravehero4me they're in many's prayers). If the Nobalz Appease prize was awarded to the truly deserving, it would be awarded to every soldier,who is risking his/her life for the wannabe,feel good whiners, so they might continue to do so,another day,but for the Grace of God.. Anyway since our children are subverted, indoctrinated at such a furious pace & at a frighteningly tender age, by no less then a gay child predator,IMO,that the Pres. has appointed an individual that endorses the infamous pedophile Harry Hay &and authored a book entitled "Queering education;K-12.; I cannot accept that parents are not outraged, stunned and willing to do whatever it takes to save our kids. Please Breitbart hear our plea ? This Jennings person is not an appropriate SAFE school czar!! I suspect there is more in this persons past, as if what is already known isn't enough to outrage anyone who cares about our kids...

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Norsk vikings ;Ironman competitors;Strong backs & weak minds!!Awarding egomania,IMHO.

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Correction; Obama was awarded " the Appease prize".

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Imho Mr.Obama needs to feed his narcissistic ego . It's an obsession .An even greater concern , his sociopathic plan for our USA.

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I was given info on another blog (although unconfirmed) that the states indicted, All the cases were dropped as soon as Obama was sworn in as POTUS. How's that justice for all?