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CASH FOR CLUNKERS PROGRAM IS A JOKE! how is this helping the tax payers who are not buying a new car? and WHY ARE WE DESTROYING THESE USED CARS? We are a broke country, resell them or donate them to churches, cancer foundations etc. Only people so out of touch with reality would waste like this government does. And where is this money coming from I believe Obama said he would only spend our taxes, dollar for dollar, so what was cut?

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Dow Jones was up big today, amazing what a trillion tax payer dollars can do!!! Don't believe the hype. This is a distraction the feds are inflating this market, Obama wants his cap and trade and Obamacare bills to get pushed through.

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HEALTH CARE DID YOU SAY HEALTHCARE!!! The feds can't run Medicaid, bankrupted Social Security, are inflating our dollar and if you get the chance ask our wounded vets how there health care is working for them. We can't even take care of our wounded troops!!! This is a joke, we spend more money on education than any other country in the world yet we are not even close to number one as far as test scores go. We can't afford the protection of our police and fire departments, and let's not get started on the postal service. It is a fact "Give congress more money and they will spend it in the most inefficient way known to man." They could not manage a lemonade stand even if they were handed free lemons!!! How could any one think that they could manage our health care!!!

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July 17th 2009 66 degrees in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, Who will be responsible for destroying Private owned Restaurants? Obama or Mother Nature. Screw Cap and Trade and Screw Obamacare!!! This economy is turning into the perfect storm for Seasonal Restaurants, and I do not see a brighter future for some time to come. For a President who likes to eat out at restaurants and is familiar with Lake Geneva, seems like he is totally disconnected with reality.
Not since 9/11 have we noticed such a drop in sales. 15 to 25% Retail, Restaurants and hotels. For a town that relies on tourism, this season will be a loss for many small businesses. I promise a grass root revolution come 2010 It is time to fire congress and the senate, and bring change that is in our benefit not Big government.

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How do you propose we pay for this, being the first thing liberals do when they get into office is slash Defense.
And ask our enemy's how weak our defense is. The only problem we have with our Army is our Commander and Chief. Miranda Right's on the battle field?

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Where is our "Protect Americans From being F###ed Czar"

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Where are all the Obama Supporters now? Probably to busy looking for a job, good to see we rushed to spend 1 trillion dollars to "save the economy" and keep unemployment under 8%, now it's at 9% and climbing, est. to be around 10 or 11% by the end of the year. And as some one who works in the food service industry the largest industry next to government, I can tell you 11% may be to conservative of a number as we are going to experience negative growth this year thanks to no other than President Obama. Are we to big to fail also? Mr. President please stop this madness and give us our country back! Even with the colossal damage you have caused, we the people can fix this, not big government.
Hard Working Concerned American
Chef Rick Starr

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Here we go again, Barney to the rescue! he is one of the biggest problems in congress, who is now going to create more problems in this economy. You can never cap a salary based on poor decisions, if you could the government would work for minimum wage.

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I have nothing to say? To balance the budget they are cutting missile defense programs and not cutting spending?
Meanwhile North Korea is launching missiles non stop, Iran is working on long range nuclear missiles, and President Carter, who I alway's thought was one of the worse acting President's until President Obama, is asking to remove Hamas from the nation's terrorist list? Wow what a day! oh ya I almost forgot gas prices are up 49 day's in a row even though they are not reflecting the price of a barrel of oil, let alone the demand!

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You are kidding right? I will bet Gitmo will still be here in 2012 and President Obama Will be out of the White House that is if he doesn't sell it to China !