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I love your commentary! Keep it up son. You are doing a fantastic job.

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J - anytime. Should you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact me.

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I find it interesting that people do not get the correlation...put crap in as a source of fuel and get crappy performance. If people would think about a car I believe they would understand better. If you put a 1/2 gas and 1/2 water mix most people would think that the car would either not run or run horribly. That is not an optimal fuel for a vehicle. Well, if you put 1/2 crap and 1/2 nutritional food in the will also begin to deteriorate. Our bodies are very resilient creations. But, if you put in nothing but will eventually get nothing but crap in return. Eating unhealthy can easily take 10 to 15 years off of your life. Parents want to buy the bad stuff because they can save a few bucks. How about buy the good stuff and help to save your kid's life?!?!

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You are most welcome. Couldn't just write it without giving both sides to chime in. I guess we see who has great client service and who doesn't.

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Brian - You are right. B&N is initially more inviting in the atmosphere that is created. It has a natural flow and it is duplicated in most of the stores I have visited. But, within moments of comparing the service rendered @ B&N vs Borders...that atmosphere at B&N becomes cold and lifeless. As for buying a cup of coffee online, I'm sure if they could figure that out...there would be no brick and mortar to speak of.

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Collin - you are most welcome. I enjoy going into the brick and mortar stores with my family as well. My wife and kids is like you...they like hardback books with paper pages. I like audio or digital books. I just think it is a shame that they would do things so backwards.

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Christine - It is a shame that a company like this would make such fundamental mistakes. Maybe they will realize it before the mistakes lead to their decline. The only feasible scenario I can devise is that they want to push people out of their stores because they want to migrate to a web only platform like Amazon.

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Steven - I agree that you must have a strong foundation before you become rich in any aspect. As for the foundation involving emotion and determination, I would say control of your emotions, focus of your determination and increasing your education.

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It works really well. Just use small circular motions or the butter stick will start to bend.

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It is hard to count your blessings when times are tough. It is difficult to see the good around you when there is so much bad. But, if you concentrate on the good, the bad begins to fade away. I am thankful that you are such an awesome wife and I am thankful for our wonderful kids. I am thankful for the freedoms our service men and women fight for and I am thankful for God's grace which grants me eternal freedom. And thank you, for writing this post.