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Nice piece Harry. Guess I should've listened to the lesson I learned from "An American Tail" growing up.

I think there's some fun personal irony of the claim chowder on me: Macworld Expo '07—where Apple announced the iPhone—was my first ever, and I was our only blogger in the keynote.

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It's such a messy issue though, since many users, including myself, are experiencing better reception and call quality in most cases. If I really try, I can create the signal attenuation problem, but that's not how I naturally hold my iPhone in my left hand. AnandTech also found that the iPhone 4 does actually experience better reception than previous iPhones, and speed tests show better results too (especially when uploading data).

So it's really just about whether owners hold the phone "that way" in this one spot, which has been an reality of many (or most? perhaps *all?*) phones all this time.

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Steve Jobs has been plainly acknowledging the signal attenuation issue in various email responses which, unlike yesterday's BGR conversation, have not been refuted by Apple. The company reiterated its stance on the topic at the beginning of the second paragraph of today's statement:

"...gripping almost any mobile phone in certain ways will reduce its reception by 1 or more bars. This is true of iPhone 4..."

Lots of cell phone manuals have variations of "don't hold it that way" instructions, such as the Nokia 6126:

And you can see the same signal attenuation problem demonstrated the the Nokia E71:

As well as the iPhone 3GS and 3G:

and similar issues have been reported on other phones, including the Nexus One and other Nokias:

Unless I'm missing something, it feels like this issue has been passed over by the tech industry for a long time, and is only now being blown way out of proportion because Apple made the mistake of promising "magic" and "revolution."

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Three cheers for Twitter, but I find it quite interesting that you keep the App Store in your Dock. MG, do you need an App Store Intervention?

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Apple maintains a pretty comprehensive list of Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts for doing just about anything:

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Don't data plans for the dedicated hotspot devices cost at least $40-60, on top of the price of hardware which is at least around $150-200?

$30 to turn on the personal hotspot feature on a device you already own sounds like a killer deal to me.

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I have yet to read an iPad hands-on that doesn't mention the speed. That's great news. I've been saving up to build a gaming PC, but now that we have a PS3, I think an iPad might be in my future. I'm not positive yet, as I need to learn a bit more about the OS, its capabilities, and limitations. But I think.

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Already ordered. I had an Apple Bluetooth Headset and loved the battery status feature. Wasn't a great headset though, it had a really short range before getting unusably riddled with static. I'm happy with my Jawbone Prime, so this will be a great replacement.

Anyone want a Jawbone Prime? ;)

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Well you can always backup your Address Book contacts and groups with File > Export > Address Book Archive before looking for duplicates. That way it's easy to roll back with File > Import. I backup this way regularly, in addition to using Time Machine on my Time Capsule.

In fact, Address Book works very well with Time Machine. You can enter the Time Machine interface viewing Address Book, and roll back through each back and restore to that particular state.

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I'm still baffled as to what Apple wants with a mobile advertiser. I sure as hell hope they aren't going with some kind of ad-supported business model for any of its products, especially MobileMe.