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Added! (:

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I have added your site to the Official Partner page. Currently, I only add text link. I might consider adding banner link in the future when you are my partner for quite some time.

By the way, Your image for your Banner is no longer valid.

Thanks and regards,
PTC Profits

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This site(myLot) had been the best paying site ever since I started earning online. But 2 days ago, my account was suddenly changed to "inactive". According to their explanation of inactive, either I didn't log in for at least 3 months(but some mylotters say it only reset the balance, or violates their terms such as copyrighted or even abuse their "mylot search".

I done none of the above 3. I had been logging in everyday, every few days reply to a few discussions(nothing violates the terms), nor getting any warnings from the myLot search as I had reduced a lot of searching. So what the reason I got that for especially I had more than $12 in my current balance.

You can also add this to the con section: "You can't really send a support ticket to the admin if you are not log in." So what happened to those people had such problem like me that didn't violates anything? Do we have to create a new account just to send a PM to the admin(Alex/Alice)?

Or is there any other way to contact the admin? I had tried sending email to the address from the payment proof and other mylotters had even PM to the admin but till not there are no reply from the admin.

I hate to say this but PTCI, can you re-investigate their status as they can't suspend/ban someone account for no reason especially I can cashout.

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Ok, I decided to give up on this site. Been weeks and I had not received any reply from the admin through the support link on their site, link provided by Desntmatter, email on their payment proof and even posting on ayuwage(admin did not publish my discussion)yet. I have to say that this site had a very poor support. Perhaps PTCI should add this in the con section.

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I tried last week again and finally able to send through using the contact form at the site but till now there are no reply. It had been around 3 weeks without using Innocurrent.

Is there any other way to contact them? Am I allow to post help in Ayuwage's forum?

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I can't even view my account except the suspended message.

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ClixSense 2nd payment of $9.56 received on time:

My paying history of ClixSense(PTCI, please update the payment proof area by remove chimalogy and replace it with the below link. Thanks!):

Feel free to join here:

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LinkGrand 1st payment of $4.51 received within 5 hours:

My paying history of LinkGRand:

Feel free to join here:

PTCI, please add my paying history to your paying section. Thanks!

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Then you have come to the right place. (:

My site specialized in choosing only sites that are sustainable which mean sites using this type of business model tends to last forever/even longer unless the owner is a scammer(which he/she can scam anytime) or the owner suddenly wants to stop PTC business due to personal or other reasons.

Firstly, you need to understand there are 4 types which are Bux, Mini-PTC/Hybrid(Bux) PTC, Aurora & Real PTC sites.

For full definition of each term and examples, kindly mouse over to the "Home Tab" (top of the page ) and click it.

So basically Real PTC based on real advertiser which this type of business model is the most sustainable in the PTC industry. Aurora is the 2nd "best" due to lower ad value & low minimum cashout. Mini-PTC is ranked 3rd due to lower ad value and increasing minimum cashout.

If you go to my Homepage, I had chosen TOP 10 from the category of Real PTC & Mini-PTC due to higher earnings.

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Woah, 50 sites at 1 go? That's incredible. I the most only opened up to 20 tabs and Firefox began to load slightly slow.xD

What browser are you using anyway for InnoCurrent.