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If any of you would know much about these it would be much easier. The city keeps track of how many accidents happen at these intersections and if the number of accidents doesnt reduce as they expect the cameras are going to be removed. That sounds like they are just for making money.

And you will not get a ticket for going 1 M.P.H. over. That is slightly ridiculous. There are tolerences on these. It will probably be set between 5-7 M.P.H. over the speed limit.

And for those saying the police are lazy and dont want to do anything that is wrong. They are actually quite busy throughout the day taking calls for all sorts of things.

And again dont do anything wrong and you dont have anything to worry about. Thats the simplest thing of all.

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Previews made it look a lot better than it was. Oh well. Still kinda funny.

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A. It is a strictly plationic relationship thank you very much. We have discussed it and she has made her opinions about it know to me. I respect what she feels and do not think less of her for it whatsoever.
B. Thanks

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Well, i cant wait to find out all the lovely things i hear about this.
But i am a 20 year old who is 4 years and 3 months older than my girlfriend. We have been dating for 3 months. We dont have sex. We just have a good relationship. This looks like he was taking advantage of her. With all the charges pressed against him. That sucks. I feel bad for him because she is going to be pissed at everyone. She "loves" him. Now he is going to be locked up. I guess he should have checked himself before he did all this. And run away with her to illinois? Really dude? Thats a good way to fix everything. Her parents will love ya now!!

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I used to have to travel that intersection and it was bad when it was really busy. I totally agree, hitting that round about at 65 mph will cause problems. They just need to install traffic lights there. With the way traffic lighting systems are designed these days it will be a much better option than throwing a bunch of cars in a circle and letting them dance.

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Wish i could give more thumbs up.

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I commend you all for that haha. I hope she doesnt read these and know your user names!!!

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Thats really scary. Hopefully everyone makes it out okay and doesnt cause too many problems

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I just think someone wanted to postpone their court date. How selfish!!!

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Dam nit I lose