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First thought about the Tree of Harmony was honestly wow this sounds a lot like a JRPG. Eerily similar to Tales of Symphonia, anyone in favor of a Tales of Friendship?

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Okay since i already reviewed it on YT just gonna copypaste it here.

Okay just got done watching it, and to be perfectly honest I'm really unimpressed. Let's just say with all the hype it got, it was not what the label promised. Now i went in with this with an open mind, seeing as yes i have seen Project Interlude (still love their opening theme) however i have a few problems with this "episode". Before i begin to whomever did the animation kudos A+ job you earned your keep.

1- Too many references not enough time to enjoy them. It was like a little child running around looking at things being interested for 5 seconds then moving on to the next best thing. Honestly i give you credit for most references ive seen, but please give us some time with the story to enjoy it and not just be REFERENCE REFERENCE LOOK AT ME IM A REFERENCE. That's not a show thats a collection of shorts with a poor fanfic binding them together.

2- Maybe its just me but why, why for the love of celestia did Rainbow get transported to the Powerpuff Girls? Because Faust did both? Great you understand she worked on both. Just give it a bit of explanation, i mean there was no time for anyone to be like, "Oh my god its a talking colourful horse that can fly." Just another everyday occurence in a town where children are the frontline of defense. And that goes back to problem 1 jumpiness and not taking time to polish your product.

3-I give your story 1 credit at least you didnt put sonic and rainbow dash together in a crossover that would fry the coke of this movie quicker than fonzie can jump a shark. (see i can make references too) However onto my other slightly more positive. I kinda liked the pinball scene it was good. However...ponies cannot live in space after that happened RIP Dash shows over and save us the waste of time.

And for my last comment of this review i think this can be summed up with the puff of smoke at the beginning. You've been trolled. Im sorry but you had a year the animation was great, but surely with all this fandom has you couldve written a better story in 10 seconds flat. (yes more references annoying yet?) Yes the animation is stellar but the story is subpar. As in bad fanfic levels, heck i might even prefer Dusk's Dawn's story over this because it wasnt a bad fic plotline that we've seen OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Twilights magic messes up and everything goes to manure.

Okay one last thing does anyone else want to dub TheLivingTombstone's September over the destroyed Ponyville scenes? im done im outta here. And again just work on the story, ive seen fics that deserve the animation this story got (that is to say the story was bad, not gotier My Immortal bad, but bad). And if this was only pen and paper no animation or music or voice acting. The prereaders would have shot it down faster than you can say Chimicherrychanga. (still dont like my references?) Good night all

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seth i see that trixie in the bottom left corner wearing the great and powerful dunce cap as it were

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was #1 a reference to tales of games?

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what is cool you can barely tell its a cover

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What is Celestia getting her ready for?

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nooooo nykkes-kun no tears (i just butchered japanese again didnt i?)

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