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I'm actually not a huge fan of April 1st either, despite writing a piece about the media shenanigans this year. I did, however, really, really want an excuse to post something about the Ecco joke, and I saw enough stuff for a full length post, so I ran with it.

In case anyone wants to know, the DNF demo is just a file with sound bytes from previous games. It's perfect if you ever wanted a ringtone composed of Duke catchphrases, but there's nothing playable there.

Edit: Why does everyone have a higher number than me before the "p" next to our names?

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I'm mostly curious about where you managed to find that image. Shit be crazy.

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Easily the smartest podcast about games out there The Squadron is unrivaled in terms of their ability to discuss and evaluate games. Strongly recommended for people looking to for a podcast that discusses structure, narrative, and design in a thoughtful yet accessible manner.

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While you can finish the game if you piss off Megaton, it's a lot easier if you don't. Also, it's okay if Simms dies. (You can even take his cool hat!) If you finish the quest by disarming the bomb you will still get a house in Megaton.

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Not to mention that I made a PC from scratch two years ago for $600 that can run Crysis on Medium detail (which still looks damn sexy, even if it isn't maxed out). I'm sure if I tweaked Crysis a little bit I could squeeze a bit more detail out of it, but I'm waiting until I build my own PC next month to really get the most out of it. I'm only planning to spend $500 and I should be set for anything that's likely to come out for the next three years.

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Although it doesn't happen terribly often anymore, I love it when I can talk to someone in real life about cool stuff we found in games. Most recently my dad, my partner, and I all sat around talking about cool stuff in Fallout 3. It was awesome.

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That will definitely run it. There are also some great mods for it, so if there's anything you find yourself not liking, there's probably a mod to change it.

I make Chris cry occasionally by reminding him I can run Crysis ;) We should start a club.

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The GOTY edition is the way to go. I think I spent 130 dollars altogether on Fallout 3 and all the DLC.

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Fallout 3 grew on me as well. As a huge fan of the first two games, I had a lot of misgivings about it being handled by Bethesda, but I ended up liking it despite it not being too much like the first two. I'm really excited about Fallout: New Vegas though, especially since Chris Avellone is writing it.

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Don't forget about the Steam sales all this week now that you have a gaming PC. I picked up The Witcher for $13 and Torchlight was $5 a couple of days ago.