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UMNO tu yang dah jadi cancer..

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Nice to see that none of the Apple executives are in the list. Funny that psuedo liberals and champagne socialist will jump up and down for any politically correct cause out there but is quiet as a mouse when their beloved richest company in the world is absent from a list such as this. To add salt, they willingly and happily part their money to line the pocket of the cynical marketing campaigns by Apple. For a premium priced piece of tech which is no longer cutting edge or ahead of the curve. isheep indeed.

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iye la tu. Kalau bab duit tak salur pada institusi dia, semua berdosa dan semua tak sah. Bila bab duit yang disalurkan kepada institusi dia untuk bantu anak yatim digunakan untuk beli tiket kapal terbang kelas satu untuk pak menteri dan isteri.. yang tu ok aje. Sah dan tak berdosa.

Sebab inilah jabatan2 agama ni perlu diaudit dengan lebih terperinci daripada jabatan lain. Ini kononnya pembela Islam. Tak boleh audit dan tak boleh tegur. The business of religion amat menguntungkan sekarang ini.

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I dont get how this is news worthy. The reason why these isheep idiots queue up is because they will make the news.

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The fact that this publisher gave this stupid bottom feeder internet troll is embarrassing. Post your video having sex with your girlfriend on the net, say outrageous bigoted and racist things on facebook will now get you a book deal. Silverfish doesnt deserve praise for pulling the book off the shelves, they deserve scorn for agreeing to publish this idiot.

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Adik Faidhur,

You have only started practice in 2012. The emphasis as a young lawyer in the early stages of practice is to learn as much as possible in order to shape the type of lawyer that he or she will be. Especially so in a big firm like zulrafique and doing 'complicated' corporate work. Try to volunteer for the e various comittees in the bar. Work your way from the bottom. Screaming and writing like a know it all will not endear yourself to your peers especially when you have not even proven yourself as a lawyer. Work hard and try to be a good lawyer first. There are no short cuts. Even lawyers like Dato Hafarizam and Tan Sri Shafee worked hard to be where they are. One may not like what they stand for but at least they did not take shortcuts and they worked to make a name for themselves. You on the other hand are a nobody young lawyer who seems to be trying to make a name for himself through conceited, self satisfying pseudo intellectual writing that is devoid of merits.

There are many committees run by the Bar. The constitutional committee, legal aid, syariah committee and many others. All to serve the public that needs such services or to improve aspects of the particular areas in general. Have you volunteers your time and energy into these comittees? Perhaps you should do it before screaming for change.

Read the statement again. There is nothing against the judiciary. It was more a criticism of the prosecution. The Bar president has a right to do so and save for the 90+ in your group, the majority of the bar seems happy enough. There is no request for an egm as i know it. Btw... You are only short of about 50+ members to requisition an egm. C'mon! I am sure that you will have enough friends to gather.

By the way, you said that by being surprised by the decision of the Federal court, that in itself is an insult to the judiciary. I guess its a bit much to expect a corporate lawyer to understand the intricacies of litigation. There is nothing wrong to say that a decision is surprising. Did the president say that the decision was wrong? Did he make any assertion that the judges did not consider all aspects? No he didn't. He qualified himself by saying that he didn't have the benefit of the written grounds and that it was based on public perception. You are merely bit picking to suit your agenda and use it as a means to critisize and grand stand. Really.. Its a storm in the teacup.

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Sudah..sudah.. dah dekat 1500 tahun Islam di dunia. Tak payah nak dipertahankan. Saya cadangkan saudari rajinkan lah diri dalam pelajaran. Luaskan pembacaan dan sedar bahawa bukan semua keburukan itu agenda yahudi atau barat.

Cermin diri sendiri dulu.

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"Shamil Norshidi is president of Kelab Umno US East Coast" - res ipsa loquitor.. move along nothing new to see here.

"Tai Zee Kin is a political observer" - err... eh? everybody who reads about politics is a political observer no?

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Thanks. Just made their asylum application much much easier. They goaded and you fell for it. Proves that if you scream loud enough on Facebook, you can get responses from ministers, MPs as well as director general of immigration.

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Well written. But.. the road ahead aint going to be smooth. Take it from me a "melayu" parent who took the plunge to send his kids to a god forbid! Chinese school. The problems did not come from anyone else but the anointed guardian of the muslim faith sent to the school. The sole ustazah. With only a handful of kids and the school admin who were too scared to do anything (for fear of being labelled anti Islam), the ustazah had a free hand. A free hand to instill fear of hell fire for being too chummy with the kafirs..