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It took awhile to get these shirts, but the guys I gave them to really liked them. Thanks for a good quality product!

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Hey Raymond,
Don't know if you got the message I sent to you last week or not, but I am looking for a site that I can use as ammunition against my ultra-liberal sister and niece concerning BHO's dual citizenship and his ineligibility to be president because of this. Can you help me out with this?

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What a frigging idiot Boehner is! A 100%, pure dyed in the wool coward. Here we had a chance to get something done and he cowers like a whipped pup! He needs to go and go now. Someone should whack him in the head with that gavel Pelosi gave him when he became speaker...maybe it would knock some sense into his head.
What a disappointment he has turned out to be.
Floyd needs to get a petition going to send to Boehner asking for his resignation.
Does anyone have an email address for Boehner?

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I agree. That's how that moron - Reid - got re-elected in Nevada!

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Excellent video! I can only hope and pray that someday we are able to do something to silence radicals like these demonic morons from this (church?). Cut the head off of the snake and even though the body continues to writhe for awhile, it eventually dies.
Vietnam Vet

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It is, it should be apropos. :-))

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This is absolutely hilarious!!! The sheepish look on his face is priceless. Everyone needs to send a link to this page to everyone in their contact list just so they can see what a loser b.o. actually is. He has no concept of protocol when it comes to dealing with foreign dignitaries. Actually, when you get right down to it, he has no concept of foreign relations ...period.

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I'm sure we will see an increase in attacks with a lot more of them going after smaller targets where they are content to take out 10-12 people at a time.
Another thing I find interesting...look how fast they got DNA proof that it was indeed Bin Laden. Did the Seals have a technician and a small laboratory with them to do the test? I find that hard to believe. So, that makes me wonder if this isn't all a staged deal to get BO's ratings back up and make him look good going into the next elections.
We definitely need to be vigilant...so yes, watch your 6!

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Hi Raymond,
Haven't talked to you for awhile.
You always have some great jokes, but this one is more fact than fiction! LOL

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The truth be told, Congressman Issa should be handing down indictments on a multitude of charges against Obummer AND his administration. Starting with BHO's refusal to stop his mess of a healthcare nightmare that two (2) Federal Judges have ruled all, or in part, unconstitutional!!