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Obama could not carry out his campaign of destruction of hope without the blind support of good people who love him because he couches his destructive plans with misdirection, things he'd do if the darn republicans didn't twist his arm. His opportunity was historic, but he used it to push the things the people need out of reach, and to accelerate the concentration of wealth and political power. He has been enabled by those who believe and approve of his liberal rhetoric, and are blind to his actual deeds. If just that blindness were cured, our situation would be much better. The blindness neutralizes the people power that got Obama into office in the first place, and which he has so betrayed.

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Obama ran as the less right wing alternative to Hillary Clinton. That is why he won. Yes, there was plenty reason to see trouble - just one example, his support for the alternative energy that isn't one (turning petroleum products with their pollution into mass produced plant life into energy, but you need all the petroleum production pollution to make it happen) - but what was the alternative? After three months of his presidency it was clear enough that there was going to be nothing but horror from this creature. Nixon went to China, and Obama was headed to the destruction of the remaining pieces of the new deal. But I didn't start feeling the despair until a good Democrat friend of mine, a very nice, intelligent person - well, he had been unrealistically praising of Bubba when he was prez - got terribly angry at me for stating calmly reasons I saw Obama as a champion for the other side.

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I am impressed at the consistency of content, intensity and style of the responses to my post.

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respect is earned

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Dr. Lane, I am going to guess that most of the people who read and enjoy your snark - I am one - will miss Keith way more than we will miss you when you are gone. And you could get bought off for much, much, much, less, am I right?

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It's a good thing we own the media, or she would have been able to devalue one of our cool historic cultural phrases.

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Last night Lawrence O'Donnell's show was about boosting the Cat Food Commission. He had on a bunch of Democrats like Bill Bradley and Gary Hart to say that we have to cut Social Security - all agreeing that we can't make serious cuts to the so-called "Defense Department." We can afford to subsidize the nuclear power industry and all kinds of other destructive, threatening things, but we can't afford to invest in the people and the infrastructure we need. Now that we see more of O'Donnell, who I liked a lot, the more I see he is just one more of them, like Bradley or Hart. All part of the elaborate herding process that helps trick out our political process as a "democracy" while channelling debate so as to avoid what would really work.

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I think The Dude did great. Clearly he answered the questions way better than Palin did. I feel sorry for you who failed to see the fineness of this interview.

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My cat recently lost 25% of his body weight by changing from just such a diet to a chickenflesh-based diet. Although ordinarily I would want advertisers to drop Glenn Beck, for me it is too great an opportunity. I am going to market the substitute-corn-lard-sugar-with-chikkn-flesh diet on his show, because it is a good target audience.