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The Twilit Kingdom might be a nice compromise between Lunar Republic / Solar Empire in honor of our newest alicorn princess / finale ep of season 4, haha.

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Could have used "Does whatever a spider dares" to make a better rhyme, maybe?

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Disney dressed up most of the fairy tales they used, and that's to say nothing of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Now THAT was originally a bad ending for EVERYONE involved. O_o;; Most old-school fairy tales were meant more as warnings than entertainment, so they tended to be a lot, LOT darker.

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Applejack is best shade-thrower. Throwin' shade left and right, especially in the finale, hahaha.

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I'm betting she's the lead singer of the rival band / one of the rival bands -- maybe the one Trixie's possibly the guitarist for? I'm just extrapolating and basing that off of Rainbow Dash's shred-off short, but it seems plausible! Can't imagine Sunset Shimmer would give up her position as lead ANYTHING, so her group might be the mini-boss band. ;P

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Your Rarity face is PERFECT for this comment thread. Also, as a fellow fan of AJ (AJ and Rarity for best pones!), I also am disappointed by the lack of Applejack. HOWEVER. The more McD's pony toys get bought, the more likely they'll keep coming back perennially, and thus the more likely AJ will have a chance to shine again.

(Also I'm planning on Cupcakes-ing a Dash pony to mod into a RP AJ. Appropriate, no? BWAHAHAHA.)

((PS: Anyone in the Orlando area, the Disney McD's near Animal Kingdom has NOTHING BUT VINYL SCRATCH!!!! [or still did as of Tuesday] SO GO GET 'EM!))

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OW! RIGHT into the HEEL! Discord, I thought you were reformed and not evil any more! T_T;;

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It's never too early to introduce your kids to dubstep! CONVERT ALL THE CHILDREN TO THE WUB SIDE!! >:D

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According to Ohio state laws on concealed weaponry (which, absurdly enough, I suppose a pocketknife falls under):

(D) It is an affirmative defense to a charge under division (A)(1) of this section of carrying or having control of a weapon other than a handgun and other than a dangerous ordnance that the actor was not otherwise prohibited by law from having the weapon and that any of the following applies:


(4) The weapon was being transported in a motor vehicle for any lawful purpose, was not on the actor's person, and, if the weapon was a firearm, was carried in compliance with the applicable requirements of division (C) of section 2923.16 of the Revised Code.

The "weapon" in question was in a motor vehicle for a lawful purpose (cutting seatbelts as an EMT) so this whole thing should be a non-issue. READ YOUR OWN DAMN LAWS, OHIO.

(I also realize there's the issue of it being at a school campus, but it's not like he brought it inside the school itself. There is, after all, ANOTHER separate clause in there that states that people like officers and EMTs don't need a conceal-and-carry permit, even to bring it onto school grounds, so I should think that applies if the campus ruling does.)

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Doc's time traveling TRAIN. B3 CHOO CHOO MUTHAFUCKAS!

For practical purposes though I'd probably pick a TARDIS with a functioning chameleon circuit so I could woggle around history just to watch things as they really happened. Dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, etc.