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If Graham Lindsey is re-elected, it will probably be for the main reason most politicians are re-elected - many voters believe they bring home the bacon.

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Sorta reminds me of when Attorney General Janet Reno "took full responsibilty" for the tragic raid on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas 20 years ago. She ended up serving throughout the Clinton presidency.

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There are some people (I don't know if they identify themselves as Christians or not) who claim that Christians should not support Israel because Israel persecutes Christians. As if the isolated incidents of Israelis spitting on Christian clergy is equivalent to the drive-by shooting that happened at an Egyptian Church last week, among other murders of Christians in Egypt and Syria.

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Without religion, what does it mean to be Jewish? Is it just another ethnicity?

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He should retire. What does he have to prove?

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If Republicans make their peace with the Affordable Care Act, same-sex psuedomarriage and other "hot-button" issues of the day, what is there left to them to do? The GOP may as well go out of business if the only way to electoral success is to go along some more with the Democrats.

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Anyone find it ironic or surprising that Terry McAuliffe is a friend of my state's former Republican governor and party bigwig Haley Barbour? Maybe Virginians think McAuliffe will bring home more bacon than Cuccinelli. Is it also ironic or surprising that Democratic northern Virginia is also the wealthiest part of the state? Where do those folks come from anyway?

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Anyone besides me find it ironic that those people who work for the government, vote Democrat, and live in NOVA tend to have above-average incomes? Would you be surprised if any of those counties are among VA's wealthiest? So much for Republicans being the party of the rich!

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Weren't some people thinking that if Christian Europeans became less religious, they would become less anti-Jewish? Now it seems to me that most Europeans don't like any sort of religion!

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I think the first Jews who migrated to the United States were Sephardic in origin. They tended to assimilate, especially in the South (see David Yulee and Judah Benjamin). Could they be seen as proto-Reform Jews?