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Yeah, all those drug cartels and their mules are only here to pick apples. Whatever.

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If the Illegals already have all those things listed, why would they need a Matricular Consular card?

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Teach her Spanish and then take her in for a Matricular Consular ID card. That is all she needs to get all the free stuff she needs. Hate to be so glib about your situation, but it is outrageous that Citizens have to jump through hoops such as these aforementioned while Illegals only have to pretend to understand no English and they get the royal treatment on the taxpayers dime.

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Since when? Millions of Illegals are getting all kinds of free medical, food, rent, monies and schooling every day!

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Yes. He is always a "Capacity Based" release. I check the County Jail Inmate site nearly every day and his name is often listed. No word ever heard about escapes. Media just covering for the shortcomings of our government and poor fact-checking.

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Those who do not know their history, are doomed to repeat it. Most of the offenses list in the Declaration applies today and many people are starting to wake up to this fact. Happy 4th of July, as we are no longer Independent.

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Agreed. I worked diligently to teach my children these same common courtesies only for them to be thrown to the wayside when they hit Middle School. It would be nice if public institutions of "Learning" reinforced respect that is taught at home. Too bad they are too busy trying to undermine parents, so they can indoctrinate their students.

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Americans cannot be extorted, but the County does this all the time. Never works. The definition of Insanity is at play here. By the way, the County has an opening for someone to "Study" Bike lane use and future upgrades. With benefits, it comes to a six figure salary.

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Hard to vote out the idiots in our local government when Gullible College Kids turn around and vote for the measures and politicians their Narrow minded, coddled and spoiled Professors claim is the "Intelligent" choice.

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I took one of their vacations to get married. For a very low cost ($400 per person Avg) we got great service, a beautiful hotel room and the best Honeymoon I have ever had. (Been Married a few times.)