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i can't edit my post, so i'm gonna add this here on a new comment: no, they most probably didn't bone. ever. y'all should maaaybe stop downvoting people who try to clarify this information by saying that will and hannah did not, in fact, Do The Sex. because they're right. they didn't. will was just very salty that hannah had a boyfriend at some point and marek was super salty that will wanted to bone his gf AT SOME POINT. which never happened. because they didn't bone.

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i get the same vibe sometimes, but i think it's because people (mostly) aren't used to the idea of straight men and straight women being friends and nothing else.

also because those two boned back in college. they're basically friendly exes.

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oh eve. you were too young to realise people can feel more than one emotion at once. only seeing your mum's anger, unable to see past it the worry, relief, guilt, and sorrow... because you were so little. btw just how old could eve be in this memory? she looks so tiny.
i'm surprised how much this memory has impacted eve's other memories. she had a "version" of it when park left, and she had another version of it the first time park called her a long time after his big move (like a couple days before park got a drink thrown at him).

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i think it was greg's... i looked back at the club scene.

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nooooooooooo that's not healthy!

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i love these two. i love how aware they try to be of each other's situation. from what i remember, greg has always tried to be the best friend he can be, although i'm biased because i also had That Friend Who Tried To Mold Me Into His Own Clone and it sucks. it sucks because all of your validation at some point comes from that toxic person. now that i know greg was also that kind of person, i wonder if his jerkish phase (the one where he got some sunnies from someone for a marathon and turned into a massive jerk) was because at that point in his life he still wanted to be like park... and that's just how he saw park: cool, too cool, jerkishly cool. i'm so glad he's moved on from trying to be like park.

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hair lady!

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my god. "you got so close to your new friends we thought you didn't think of us as friends anymore".

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for some reason, i can't shake off the idea that eve wasn't that amused at the insults so much as having an actual emotional break down. everything started piling up from the scene in the hotel room to the cab, until everything exploded horribly on both of their faces at the pub. i honestly, sincerely feel bad for park -though i really Really Dislike Him and would never trust him- because he's so... insecure. all of those "old insults" are somewhat similar to stuff i've heard before from people much older than me trying to tell me how to Fit In with THEM. i feel like can't blame park for succumbing to that appearances-obsessed, success-oriented narcissistic attitude that some people get at their workplaces. it's honestly something that can happen to people who want to Be The Very Best Whatever.

all this, of course, doesn't excuse him from being a huge asshole. even during his first college days, he was already a rotten piece of shit, and probably was way before that. it has already been mentioned in lots of comments: cheating on eve and then breaking up at the last possible minute, criticizing her entire life and then springing a life-changing decision -again- at the very last minute during their second time around, and now...? he's not a Bad Person, but he really should work towards being less of a self-centered turd and learning to be much more considerate of other people's feelings.

on the other hand, eve is due for some growing up. everyone around her has changed, they've grown in their own ways. everyone is different, but eve tries to stay exactly the same (please look back to that beach scene and her break down on the wheel). that can't be good for anyone. i can understand her decision of not quitting olly's organix, everyone has at some point gotten attached to a shitty workplace (there's something about putting out absurd metaphorical fires)... but it's going to be a lot better somewhere else, should she get the chance to get a new job. she needs to do some growing up, be it as a person, as a professional, or both. the one thing park is right about is that eve's current world is leaving her behind.

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what. WHAT. park you tool!!