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Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem <THWACK!>

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With a growing resentment towards the welfare class (fueled by the pro-corporate echo chamber) I foresee a demagogue politician proposing anti-sloth facilities where all those unwilling (or unable to them there is no difference) will be shipped passing through gates adorned with "WORK MAKES YOU FREE"

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What about the threat of Kletzmerphilia? The erotic attraction to old time eastern European Jewish music.

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Aside from dildo tips the money kind are the only kind lesbians take.

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"…so the evidence is often quite circumstantial. In fact, often the circumstantial evidence is all the evidence we have…"

If the founders of this website are ever accused of a criminal act, they should hope they get a judge who doesn't agree with that.

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In the alternative universe in which Romney won the election of 2012, Allen West is selected to be Secretary of Defense.

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A lot of these places are sit-down resturaunts. We should organize a "flash mob" type thingamabob where there are groups to fill all the tables plus four or five groups. Order the cheapest thing on the menu, tip the servers up front and stay for from 1 to 1 1/2 hours then leave and go back and wait to be seated again. If higher paying customers come and see a really long slow line they will go elsewhere.

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Twinkie the Kid WILL ride again. They will buy a plant in the New Confederate States of America, where - surprise, surprise - no pesky 13th amendment.

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So you gotta be able to shell out 100 G before you can eat poultry products that wasn't produced in the 1.3 chickens per square foot density by the 10'000s? Of course I could make those with a $200 band saw, $500 worth of plywood, and $300 more for someone to copy Gainesboroughs in minuature. 9 hour of work @ $11,000/hour. That's good pay for carpentry.

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The Abolition movement would not go away. They would smuggle slaves out and weapons in. The CSA would have built a border fence and would have went to war with the USA anyway over the activities of he Abolitionists.