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I haven't seen or spoken to their Mom since I found out that she was pregnant as she is not married to my son and I'm not sure if she even knows that I am an atheist. I was formerly a church going christian and I think at the time I last spoke to her I had just left the church and was still in the process of becoming an atheist. It is my son that brings them to me and he is what I would call a minimal christian. He does not practice any religion but said that he prefers to believe that there is an afterlife and he will see dead loved ones again someday. I am not trying to champion my beliefs. I just don't want to champion christian beliefs either. If there is no middle ground then I intend to make one, somehow, without offending, only because there are young children involved. As you said, I don't want to lie to them and by agreeing with them without saying anything else I do feel as though I am lying. I would never, ever, attack their parents beliefs at this time, because the boys are obviously far too young to understand. It is a very delicate issue and it's going to have to be dealt with. As I said, my daughter's children will be raised as atheists and so this is going to come up in the future. I am intent on taking the high road here and finding a way to say that I don't support this belief without offending anyone. Certainly there are others that have or will have to deal with this situation and I am really trying to find a way to accept the situation without supporting it. Thank you for your comment and I want to say that I genuinely appreciate anyone that is taking the time to contemplate the issue and respond. I think that by considering a variety of different thoughts and ideas on this issue I will come up with a positive way to handle the situation that will benefit others as well as myself.

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I feel that I'm doing something wrong by not expressing my opinion, as if I am agreeing with the religion by not saying something. I do understand that I need to tread very carefully. I've considered saying something like "I don't believe that." or "Some people believe that.". I guess part of it is also that I don't think that I should have to hide who I am or what I believe. I would likely describe myself as a militant atheist and I'm kind of getting fed up with always feeling that I have to hide who I am out of fear of losing my job and now even my family. The adults in my family all know that I am atheist, as is my other son and also my daughter and her husband. Let me make it clear that I do NOT want to influence the boys in any way against their religion. I understand that they are just children and their Mom is going to teach them Christianity and that there is nothing that I can do about it at this time. I just don't think that I should have to go along with it, that there must be some kind of response where I can extract myself from agreeing without offending. The boys will be starting school this fall and certainly they are going to meet other children of different religions or no religion. My daughter's girls will be old enough to talk soon and those grandkids will be raised as atheists. What will happen then? My daughter will certainly not allow her girls to be taught about god. It's going to come up in the near future and I'm trying to take the time now to think about it and come up with a peaceful way to handle it. It just seems to me that there must be some middle ground where we can all be who we are without offending anyone.

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I've been trying to find someone to help me deal with 5 year old twin grandsons of Christian parents. They stay with me often and are now starting to make comments about God. God knows everything, etc. If I say the wrong thing I might upset the parents, especially their Mom who is not married to my son and I don't want to lose contact with the boys. I also don't want to just agree with what they say. I'm hoping that there is some coined response that people use when dealing with children but I know that's probably to much to ask for. If this is not the right area for this question or if anyone knows where I might find some help with this please let me know.

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Where can I go to get advice on how to handle Christian grandkids?_

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Like many other holidays, I have chosen to dispense with the religious, outdated nonsense and keep the fun. I love Halloween more than any other holiday but I do not put jack-o-lanterns on my porch to scare off evil spirits. I have long referred to Krismas with the K for Kris Kringle. I actually grew up Catholic and still had very little that was religious about our celebration. It was much more about Santa and I think, for the kids, it's a great fairy tale along with the tooth fairy, leprechauns and hiding eggs on easter (aka as zombie jesus day). Change the names maybe, but I'm all for having fun with the little ones. As most of us know, the trees and the egg hunts were always pagan traditions to start with. Why not accept that and celebrate life?