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Which is what Curtis Rogers mentioned in the fourth paragraph.

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Thank you mk11616 - the review has now been corrected.

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Hi Reg. I know what you mean however if reviewers listened to a piece from a non-expert point of view then what would be the point of writing a review in the first place? Why would people want to read someone else's opinion as everybody's point would be equally valid. I like to read what experts have to say so that I can judge whether I might enjoy a particular piece, play, performance etc. I don't have the time to sift through the thousands of events going on so I let myself be swayed by reading what others, who have an opinion that I respect, have to say. Reviewers often get it wrong, however I feel that someone like David Gutman, who has no doubt heard the music performed by a great number of performers over the year, would be able to point me in the right direction most of the time.

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Colin responds: “The use of a wind-machine at the Chicago world-premiere stirs the memory (BBC Radio 3 broadcast a recording at the time), but when the CSO and Solti played Tippett 4 at the Proms (on 4 September 1978, coupled with Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique) one of the players was certainly miked-up for live breathing effects. Tippett later opted for a synthesised version. Hyperion’s sound-design is very successful.”

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Regarding the missing bars in Tragic Overture, Classical Source’s editor, Colin, has contacted Kerstin Hänßler of Profil who advises “there will be a corrected version soon to be released.”

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The above translated into English from Spanish: Again Susan Stempleski has given us a very well written review and full of very interesting and profound details. I can not wait until she writes her next review.

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Thank you - this has now been corrected

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I'm not sure - I suggest that you contact Naïve directly - they have a FaceBook page here:

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I think that you may be getting sites mixed up as we don't have any CD images for this review. Neither is there an Amazon code (which is the other way you might have seen an image - Amazon no longer display images with their links). Sadly a CD that is 10 years old "is old" from a sales point of view. You might find the recording has been re-released - I don't know. I shall leave it to others to comment if they know the answer. Sorry that I can not be of more help.

You might get more help if you contact Gega New via their website here:

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Interesting stance Bob as I would have thought finding something on the web is much quicker and the information more readily available than ever before. In the past, if you didn't possess a copy of the Gramophone Classical Catalogue then you couldn't look something up. Now, if you are on a train, walking down the street or anywhere there is a internet signal you can look something up. The web is much more immediate and so, in my opinion, more useful than a paper based form. Now the caveat here is that you know where to find the right answer or, more often, know what the right question is. A Google search will often provide you with millions of answers, some of which will be correct and others total rubbish. So, in part, I agree with you - there needs to be a reliable source of information (in the past the paper-based Gramophone Classical Catalogue provided this - perhaps the same catalogue should be available online?) however the ability for me to search out an answer to any question I might have simply by looking at my phone is, to me, one of the positives of the internet age.