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So basically it sounds like this kid was expelled for no reasonable reason other than accusations and having an interest in learning about the Third Reich. A lot of people have interests in learning about serial killers, but that doesn't mean they are serial killers themselves. Oh the kid likes to play first person shooter video games? Oh my... He must be a serious threat.

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Hope we never have to see such horrible weapons be used again. Though I will defend the use of them. We were in a ugly war with Japan and the invasion of Japan was looking more daunting than the Normandy Landings. There are a few reasons why we used the atomic weapons.

First off, they saved lives. In preparation for the invasion of Japan, estimates were one million Allied casualties expected to take Kyushu. The one million casualties does not include the expected casualties of the Japanese. It would have been in the millions though. Going off previous battles, the IJA had KIA of around 95-99%. This is because they didn't surrender and would fight to the death. Probably would guess that the IJN would be more involved in ground fighting with Japan's navy all but destroyed.

We learned that as the war went on, the Japanese changed their defensive tactics. They went from beach defenses, trying to prevent us from even getting a foothold on shore, to digging in and forcing us to root them out. Iwo Jima is the prime example of this. General Kuribayashi moved his defenses into formidable positions, like Mount Suribachi. He let us land on the island and didn't open fire till we already had thousands of Marines ashore. It was only supposed to take a few days to take Iwo Jima, instead it took over 35 days. Okinawa turned out to be more brutal because we also had to deal with a large civilian population.

As far as civilians go, it's hard to estimate how many would have died, but we can look at Saipan and Okinawa. We saw massive civilians suicides because they were brainwashed by the IJA and thought death was better than the falling into American hands. The people on Saipan were not even Japanese citizens, mostly were Taiwanese and Koreans who were Japanese subjects. Okinawa is made up of Okinawan, who see themselves differently from Japanese. It's hard to imagine what actual citizens of Japan would have done. We do know that they were being trained to fight us. Kids were being taught to run under tanks with anti-tank mines. They were teaching them to fight with bamboo spears. They were all willing to die for the emperor because they thought he was a living god.

The last reason we can argue for the use of the bombs was it prevent the Soviets from doing what they did in Europe to Japan. Instead we got rebuild Japan into one of the strongest countries in the world.

We did the right thing because it ended the war. What was amazing is it took two bombs to end it. Even with that there was a failed military coup to prevent the surrender. Oh and more people died in the bombings of Tokyo than the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Estimate of 50,000 lives? Lower estimates were 1 million casualties for just the invasion of Kyushu. We also had the tendency to underestimate casualties in the Pacific. We also estimated that Iwo Jima would fall in a few short days.

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All I know is this is not the first time the US has beaten Germany then Japan in the same year. But seriously, way to go girls! You are all phenomenal athletes and have made this country proud.

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The recovery of military personnel from WWII, Korea, and Vietnam is paid for by non-profits organizations. Today we are lucky and are able to recover and return our fallen relatively quickly to the families.

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This is great news for the family to final bring him home. A true hero who gave his life for this country. Not only him, but to the other Marines who were recovered after more than 70 years. One thing I do want to say is from this, "and the details of the soldier's death and burial became even further muddied in the memories of his loved ones." Lt. Bonnyman was a Marine, not a soldier.

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So they want to buy some of the most expensive land in the city for their offices and they want pay raises? The city offices don't need to be prime real estate locations. In my opinion, I would prefer it if they would just sell and move east of Foothills, where land is a lot cheaper, but you know that wont happen because our city council members have their heads shoved so far up their butts to think of a wise decision. One thing I would be fine with the city paying fair market value for is the Shanahan Ranch, but they don't want to. Got to love the People's Republic...

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Glad everyone is okay, including the moose and her calves. Always remember that moose, especially a mama moose are dangerous animals. They are very stubborn and will charge for no reason. Now add a couple calves to the equation, the mom will do anything to protect them. But what a great dog and definitely a great example of why dog's are our best friends.

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I don't believe it's my right to tell someone what they can and can not do with their body. I just draw the line after viability, unless there is a serious medical condition, I just don't see any reasons.

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I doubt they want to lose any animal since it is lost income for them. Though I must say, if this bothers you, don't ever watch the sheep drives on the western slope. They (mainly Basques) drive hundreds, thousands of sheep from lower valleys to alpine climates. Mainly on Grand and Battlement Mesas, The Flattops, and Uncompahgre Plateau. The sheep in full wool are driven at a blistering pace in 90 degree heat. They actually follow the herd in trucks to pick up the dead. Here's the loophole for them though. They leave the bodies up on top and come back a day or two later after the coyotes or bears get to them. They are able to claim them as animal kills and get full market value for them.