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You think this is funny. Hah. But I actually sat through a lengthy 20-week abortion bill debate in a SC House of Reps subcommittee this week in which there was extended discussion of the beauty and miracle of carrying fetuses developing without a brain to term. (By the way, acephalous, not, as one legislator repeatedly said, encephalitis.) Not funny. Not funny at all. Depressing, so depressing. In any case, anyone who tried to make me carry an acephalous fetus (note: not baby) to term would find me telling them what they could do with their self-congratulatory rancid piety and subnormal IQs.

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I do know the school system. You are correct. Google "Corridor of Shame."

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Looking at a person and seeing a demon is not a good quality in a cop. We prefer that police be part of the reality-based community.

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Folks, I have met Todd Kincannon, and I can assure you that he is every bit as rotten as he sounds. However, you are encouraging him by paying attention to him. He craves attention. Combine that with socio-pathology, and there you have him in a nutshell.There is no way that sane people would pay attention to his pathetic self if he wasn't outrageous and he knows it. Don't encourage him.

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To make it worse - they really were meant for each other, they are really a lot alike. Case in point: Jenny not doing anything about four year olds with guns until there was some personal mileage to get out of it.

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James L. Petigru proved right again -- South Carolina, too small to be a republic, too large to be an insane asylum.

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Okay, now I absolutely understand why they don't allow comments in the weddings section of the NYT. Lo, what absolute fools these particular mortals be.

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The Bruni column is indeed very decent -- yes, this is about more than the immediate futures of various politicians. What?? Nothing is more important than the immediate futures of politicians. Just ask them. The reporters ask the politicians what is happening, and the politicians tell them what is happening -- this is bad for Obama, may drop/raise/not effect Boehner in the polls, could lead to Sarah Palin being elected President. All life happens inside the Beltway. The reporters report what they hear and very quickly believe it themselves.

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Gary, You're a little weak on the life cycle of the human female. Unless she fell off the far end of the normal curve, menopause is but a far distant fading image in the rear view mirror for Dame Noonington.

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I have a sad, because you know what you are talking about.