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I live in Baltimore too, in Fells Point, and I have a strong suspicion that you're talking about the Fells Point Neighbors Facebook group. They are CRAZY. There's two guys on the Fells Point Nextdoor group right now that are talking sincerely about longer criminal sentences, and "whatever happened to that three strikes law? We need that." Unbelievable.

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Baltimore Toasties! I will soon be joining your ranks! I figured out all my grad school stuff and I'll be there in August! I'm so excited. And also a little weepy, because this is my last week of undergrad and I'm about a page away from finishing my last undergraduate paper ever. Feels weird.

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I never got much into LJ, but I had another online community, born from, of all things, those awful Lisi Harrison novels "The Clique." (They're really, really awful. They're probably supposed to be satire but as a 13 year old I thought they were serious.) The back of the book had a link to, and girls from there eventually made their own forums, password protected and hidden from outsiders. (Of course I've forgotten the password and can't get back in to see what I wrote!!) My group was Glam Clan (GC)(lol) and we updated each other faithfully about our problems, shared music, helped with school stuff, etc. We all splintered as we hit the upper classes of high school, but most of us are Facebook friends. Even if we don't talk like we used to, I'm so thankful to have had those girls as my sounding board when I needed them. I wish I could get back in and see what I wrote!!

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My promposal junior year involved a guy I knew from Model UN club who wrote me an invitation in the form of a MUN resolution. As in, "RECOGNIZING that prom is May 5," "REQUESTS your presence as my date," "INVITES you to wear a pretty dress." We were such nerds!! But it was adorable.

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Thank you for these recommendations! The Friendly Toast sounds like the perfect Toastie type place, too.

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Boston proper side! But I definitely still want to visit Cambridge (I have a lot of bookstores up there bookmarked on my phone in anticipation). Trident looks great, thank you!

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Boston Toasties: any recommendations? I'm going to Boston at the end of March for a grad school visit. The first two nights (Thursday and Friday) I'll be on my own, but on Saturday my dad is coming, so any recommendations for restaurants/bars/museums/etc you have for a single gal or a single gal plus her dad would be very welcome!!

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YES the UChicago annual book sale. A few years ago someone on the Hairpin posted about it and I got all sorts of great weird stuff from it. And whoever now lives in my old apartment is constantly flooded with academic press catalogues.

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My favorite app of these is Logic Grid Puzzles. He just released a new pack!! I'm obsessed.

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Whenever I read these posts, the song from Pushing Daisies plays in my heart. You know the one.