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The Timex is a nice GPS Watch, but I prefer the Fitbit Surge, which can also track your runs but also its an activity and sleep tracker. The last function is nice, if you want to see, if you are overtrained. Cause of the heart rate measuring during your sleep you can compare the heart rate charts from the last weeks and will see, if your heart rate is higher then normal.

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I use EMS myselve as a Mountainbike rider. For me the use of a musclestimulator like the new Globus Cycling Pro is a great addition to my bike training in case of training my shoulders, neck and arms. Also it is great for Warm-Up and faster regeneration. But as Giovanni wrote, it will not burn fat, cause you have no higher calorie burn, if you use normal home devices, where you can only use a maximum of 8 electrodes at a time. Its a bit different if you go to a special ems training club, where they use professional ems devices, where your whole body can be trained at once. But even so, its not a special cardiovascular training, which should be used in combination with weight training to get best results in fat burning.

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I own a Fitbit Surge and a Garmin Multisport GPS Watch. Both devices are really nice, I prefer the Surge cause of the activity and sleep tracking. But both devices you can´t really use in case of the heart rate measurement. If you do a sport like Mountainbike Riding (what I do), the measurement isn't correct. I changes to slow, if I compare it with my garmin edge 800. The Surge heart rate feature is nice for sleep tracking. If you are overtrained, you can see it with your heart rate chart, if you compare some days.

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It depends what kind of activity you are doing. If you just sit, the measurement is nearly equal. But as soon as you start the activity, it takes a long time, till the heart rate from the Surge raises up. For activities like Mountainbike riding with lots of changes in the heart rate, if you go steady up and down, you can forget the Surge.

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Nice and interesting video for all triathletes.

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Seems to be a nice way to get better results. I´m a german triathlete and mountainbike rider, will take a look at the mobile version.

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Nice shoe, looks very good.

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I own the Fitbit surge and I'm really happy with the GPS watch, except the heart rate measurement, which is not exact, if you are doing sports like bike reding, with often changing intensity. It only works quiet well, if you are doing steady exercises like running with the exact speed and flat terrain. The Fitbit Surge is also nice for sleep tracking, cause it works automatically and the heart rate measurement is fine, while sleeping.