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I first learned about Margaret Cavendish from a fabulous poem by Maxine Kumin, "Sonnets Uncorseted" ( ) and I've always wanted to learn more. Thank you.

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I have two moms, who as far as I know, are cis, but I almost always refer to them as "my parents." Sometimes I wonder if that's because I'm trying to hide their queerness (in which case, wtf@me) or if it's because they don't feel like "moms" exactly but just--well, my parents, no gender attached. For what it's worth, I don't know what your kid will be calling you, but I have a friend who's always called her parents by their first names and I think that's removed a lot of whatever weird gendered parenting dynamic other people in our circle tend to get themselves into.

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This is really fascinating, and now that I know that the book's language is mostly made up, I'm actually more inclined to read it. Now I won't take the Old(e) English for granted and thus end up embarrassing myself when I hit Anglo-Saxon England 101 in school. (Side-note: Is training as a linguist a viable career path outside the ivory tower these days? Or is it strictly academic?)

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i'm a little bit in love with you because of this, hope you don't mind

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I friggin love babka but I could never make it myself the only babka I will eat is the kind my camp used to serve to us every Shabbat morning that was probably low quality but filled with good memories and therefore the only good babka is camp babka

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She's not being forgotten! We talked about her a bit in my (high school level) African American history class and some people ended up reciting a couple of her and Paul's poems during our Black Poetry lesson. Man, that was a great class.

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I like this, but I also just want to say that the photo is the exact one used in my 8th grade literacy textbook and the coincidence just gives me fond feelings towards that class and this story, even though at the time I hated them both.

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I love Baby Surprise Jackets! My parents knit them all the time. A scaled up version probably would've been a better idea for my first sweater, but alas I was making one from some Harry Potter knitting magazine and it had knitted owls across the back and thus involved charts, which was A Mistake. The sweater came out okay, but I had to swear off knitting for a year. Unfortunately, I became enamored of the idea of knitting identifiable objects and spent it trying to find a good shawl pattern with not-too complicated charts. Now I intend to look for yarn when I go to a yarn festival in a couple weeks, despite not having a pattern or free time. What am I doing?

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Idk I knit my first socks at age 8 (I was featured on The Yarn Harlot! Do people still read that blog? Stephanie used to post [still does?] pictures of people she met at signings who presented their first pair) and I don't remember the heel being hard? I've only knit a couple more pairs since then, but even so. Then again, I wasn't using a pattern, just my mom, who owned a yarn store and is an acknowledged Master of Knitting. But my first sweater at age 16 took me over a year and was awful and I'm never going to knit one again (except for my future children who will probably be on my knitworthiness list but I can't promise anything). I'm sticking with hats.

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I don't want to admit that you're right, so I'm fuming in a corner while blasting Sunday in the Park With George while also crying and thinking about whether my religion permits me to construct a shrine beneath my autographed picture of Bernadette Peters. I'm leaning yes.