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The kind of leader I want to be is one who is in the will of God. So many times in my life I've naturally ascended to a leadership role, but been ill-prepared to handle it spiritually. It's easy to seek worldly wisdom in those times rather than seek wisdom through prayer and studying the Word.

My biggest folly as a leader is leading out of my own strength. When I'm fully invested in my personal relationship with Jesus and I'm leading under His authority, I am leading well. Things that frustrate me in the natural become challenged to overcome in the spiritual. Fatigue in the natural becomes energy through the joy of the Lord. Insecurity becomes confidence in who I am in Christ.

- Marcus

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Be sure to post your thoughts this week!

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Praying with you Los...

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I'm not sure which hurts worse, the white ones on the chin or the eyebrows...

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The guys did an amazing job on the song - I had a great time creating along side the music for sure!

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Thanks Brian!

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Hi Jody,

I would recommend you check out our Women's groups. Capital Women Weekly meets every Thursday at 10:00 am in the sanctuary and other women's groups meet at various times throughout the week. You can check out more here:


You also might find a home fellowship group interesting as well - go here fro more info on them:

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Love square - awesome. What happens when they add Hurley to the square? What does it become then?

It will be interesting to see how they handle Desmond and "the rules". Obviously there are certain conditions to time travel that have to be adhered to, but in Desmond's case (and also in Ben's and Widmore's cases with the death of Alex, Ben's abducted daughter) the rules can either be changed or broken. We still don't have a definition of the rules, so moving forward we'll see what happens.

I think Charlotte's body disappeared because it isn't possible to exist in both a living and non-living form, but that doesn't answer the question of living and living (as in Ben's case... possibly).

I agree that Juliet will probably get hosed out of the love square deal... unless Kate stays true to her nature of running from one love interest to the other and back again.

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Wow - that's an amazing insight. I didn't think that the wheel appeared to be that far in the earth though. It is very interesting that Tunisia is on the exact opposite side though...

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What a great podcast!