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Thanks, Jon!

The font is IMPACT with a Faux Italic effect applied to it in Illustrator.

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Right on, Christian! Let me know if you guys have any questions.

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Thanks Joanna! :)

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Thanks Mitch!

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Holy freakin WOW!! Great stuff man.

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Wow, very cool Mark! Small world eh? Thanks for your prayers.

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Oh... and I could have totally done without the last 5 seconds of that video. Ewww! :)

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The problem with this article... has nothing to do with whether or not these points are true. It has has everything to do with the pointed approach that was taken and not edited before being published. Let's be honest, whether we are artists.. or pastors... or janitors... or data entry clerks.. or teachers... None of us like to be called out publicly about our weaknesses and then jabbed at as if we are the only ones who have them.

Carrie said it best...

"I doubt we would be having this conversation if the article read a bit more like: "When I looked in the mirror I realized that I am guilty of [1-7]... what do you see when you look in the mirror?" I find that people are much more willing to examine themselves when a person shares their own personal discovery, and invites others to do the same (rather than imposing their own realization on others)."

Again, too bad that there was not a little more thought put into the article before it was published."

So for those of you who have said that we are overreacting. Scroll up... read my previous comment, insert your profession into the article and see how it makes you feel. This article was poorly written from the wrong perspective and it's up to Collide to make sure that they don't let something like this pass through again.

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Interesting... Insert the word Pastor and it still works.

1. Many pastors commit, then forget. Ask an artist to “get me that document” or “forward me that email,” and we’ll tell you, “Sure. Right after lunch.” We are entirely well meaning. And we never think about it again. Until an organized person in charge reminds us.

2. Many pastors don’t write anything down. We honestly think we’ll remember. When I served on my church’s staff team, the best friend I had was a lead pastor who gently whispered, “Gary, did you want to write that down?” And when I didn’t write anything down, the root issue was always arrogance.

3. Most pastors live one wrong decision away from disaster. Most people live 9-10 bad choices away from moral and personal ruin. Most people see the line, then move away. Artists see the line and stick their big toe over it, just to see what might happen. There is risk. There is rush. And pastors love both.

4. Some pastors lie. We lie to cover ourselves when we’re guilty of number one or number two.

5. Most pastors struggle to see the larger narrative they’re living in. We’re tempted to think our stories are the biggest, most important stories being told. But the truth is that the senior pastor—more than anyone else in the church— sees the clearest portrait of the church’s big picture. Senior pastors get frustrated when the church won’t fulfill her biblical mandate.

6. Pastors gossip. Not all, but some. Much of the time, we’re gossiping about the senior pastor who refuses to trust us.

7. Pastors deflect blame. Our first reaction is usually to find someone else to blame the problem on. Then we engage in number four. An hour later, we engage in number six.


I know this isn't a debate between Pastors and Artists.... However, as has already been stated - any one of these points can be true to ANY one profession. I chose to use to use this as an example of we're ALL flawed, regardless of profession -- and to highlight and isolate one profession simply isn't fair.

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