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I see that BiblesonDVD has some cool offers - Free Rush Shipping on all orders in by 1 ET on Monday the 6th as well as offering their Signature Edition Bibles On DVD at a special price of only $14.95 (originally $39.95).

BiblesonDVD has an in house program that pays 30% commissions and you can find out more at

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Claire - good news - we're launching the new service tomorrow!
Watch for more details here. We're doing our first 2 calls for free - starting on April 1st.

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Thanks for the kind words - we definitely love to hear that we're connecting with the community of La Conner and the Braves' awesome tradition of success on the courts.
We encourage you to keep listening and to tell everyone you know that they can get their Braves' Bsketball fix right here on

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We're actually recording tomorrow at 1:00 PM PT - will try to get it edited and up tomorrow afternoon. Some interesting things are coming from these guys :)

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Thank you for your question. I'll pose this question to you. What is your passion? What is a topic that you would write about each day, even if you weren't getting paid for it?

This is where I'd start - this avoids having your entry into affiliate marketing feel like a job. The size of the site shouldn't come into play much and I'd probably consider setting up a blog and building out your affiliate business on that.

If you can share your passions, I'll help you translate that into some affiliate opportunities.

God Bless,


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Kitch, let's connect sometime and see if I can help you out.

Thanks for commenting.

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Gerrid, the company has sold nearly 2000 shirts in 2.5 weeks (cheap pricing helped) and have now closed up shop to move on to another phase of their business and ministry. The affiliate channel chipped in a ton of shirts sold as well, guessing somewhere in the range of 300- 400 shirts.

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True Dat Frank - the sad thing is that the Shady dudes often have plenty of cash to advertise on things like the Super Bowl.

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I didn't feel bitterness there at all, Jeremiah Wright would have brought bitterness, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson would have brought bitterness and self importance. Reverend Lowery, I thought brought a sense of joy at the historical nature of the event and some humor to the thing.