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I'm just now seeing a lot of comments that were awaiting approval, sorry about the long delay in responding! Felicity and her family were great. We had dinner several times and generally had a great time. Kevin was intense, sexy and very cool.

Woman's Picture will be available on soon, and the site already has up lots of interesting additional material and behind-the-scenes stuff. Thanks for the note!

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There are many trans men who transition and then identify as gay males, dating other men. Anything is possible, all my best wishes to you!

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As you'll see when you read the information above, the TYFA email was never published here until she mailed it to me in a legal document. In any case, the email only contains her stage name. Her legal name was posted online by her and is listed in several other places. You can't "out" someone who has a YouTube channel, book, play, newspaper article, lecture series and who knows what else about their transsexuality. Everything you need to know is in the information above. You owe it to your own reputation to know the facts here before saying things that will call your judgment into question by others later.

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Thank you, Darlie. The video for \"Likin Big Dicks\" is utterly silly adult humor, nothing more, and NEVER ever intended for, nor marketed to children. All the same, I will not have my artistic work censored, whether it\'s something deeply personal or utterly silly. Who is anyone to tell me I\'m \"too sexy\" or \"too irreverent\"?

This has never been about that video. It\'s about someone who does not like me personally, and who I suspect moves from point to point in search of anything that justifies her irrationally extreme behavior. My record speaks for itself. I appreciate your support.

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Thank you, Allison. I have no affiliation with TYFA, I\'m just an artist making (sometimes transgressive) art. I feel like I should be able to entertain adults during afterhours \"grownup time\", but just like any other adult I maintain the right to choose to reach out and help kids during my offstage time when I choose to do so. I appreciate your support.

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It\'s a silly, totally ridiculous video made with an aim toward the humor of my most alternative/underground fans. But in any case, it had absolutely nothing to do with the work of Trans Youth Family Allies and was never, ever, ever aimed at youth of any kind. If you look at the last several hosts of the Nickleodeon Kids Choice Awards, you\'ll see Jason Segal (full frontal nudity in \"Forgetting Sarah Marshall\"), Jack Black (very adult oriented humor and standup), Sarah Silverman (blackface, racial humor, sexual humor) and countless others who do adult humor for adults and activism/kid humor for kids.

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Too Long/Didn\'t Read Version: Stealth is cool, but one cannot discount the majority of work done in securing legal and social progress by out and vocal trans/gay people.

You\'re welcome to disagree, and I don\'t think that every aspect of our rights comes from the movement out of Stonewall. My point is that, however stealth you are, some medical and legal intervention was necessary to complete your process. I believe that GLBT activists\' willingness to openly fight for rights opened the way for those things, such as:

Your and my legal right to change our name and gender in the courts/drivers license office/etc

Hospitals and doctors to consider prescribing hormones and performing gender affirming surgeries rather than electroshock/aversion/reparative therapy and institutionalization

It\'s a mistake to consider gender identity issues the same as sexuality issues, but nonetheless the world has (and still does) see them as one-and-the-same, so as an unintended side effect every inch of acceptance and legal confirmation given to gay/lesbians has moved us forward legally, too. And should you ever make a mistake and out yourself, the legal protections to your job, home and family were won by glbT people who were willing to be out and vocal to establish them.

Invisibly moving from pre-transition to a stealth life is undoubtedly a valid choice to avoid the hatred of people who consider transsexual women to be \"frauds\", \"mentally ill\" or worse. I don\'t think anyone MUST be out unless they choose to be. But at the same time, one must admit that hiding in plain sight does nothing to change that hate hiding in the heart of one\'s fellow churchgoers or neighbors. My \"Transsexuals Who Are Ashamed of Transsexuals\" post is all about the hypocrisy of women who want both the safe, comfortable anonymity of \"stealth\" AND to have a voice in the arenas of national gender politics. I feel that stealth is a valid personal choice, but by it\'s very nature it deprives you of a voice in the movement.

If you want to be stealth, posting about it on the internet isn\'t very helpful to your cause.

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I just found it on YouTube by searching for Maury transsexual episodes. Unfortunately I don't know the date =(

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Yes, I offered to do so through a neutral third-party negotiator: This page would be retired if Gina were willing to go away, stop talking about us and refocus herself on something worthwhile. She refused.

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I'm all for "live and let live". What necessitated this page was Gina Gross' decision to write to the board of a charity benefitting trans children, simply because Gina found my music video offensive and because I "refused to publish her response".

And I repeat, I did not "OUT" Gina Gross. You cannot "out" someone whose public YouTube channel flogs her play and book about her transition.

Drew. you know me on a level that few people will ever know me. I appreciate your support.