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Rest in Peace my friend. You will be deeply missed.

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I'm thinking Dwight from The Office would be a better fit.

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There is nothing I hate more than conservatives apologizing for telling the TRUTH!

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Why is it impossible to find someone in between a Paul and Santorum? We DONT need 1000 military bases around the globe, we DONT need to police the world, and we DONT need to nation build. But we DO need a president that understands the danger of islamo-nazis and is willing to drop bombs on their heads.

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Phenomenal! What a talent. Thanks AB.

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I agree. It is mean to tell the truth about a mass murdering, pedophile, thief, and lunatic.....Muhammad.

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Glenn was NOT calling the Tea Party racist. He asked a provocative question to get people to think about their support of Newt. Newt supported the 'un'fairness doctrine, climate change legislation, amnesty, Department of Education, the individual mandate, and the list goes on.....................BECK IS RIGHT ABOUT NEWT!

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Rush is at times simply a GOP hack. Ron Paul exemplifies what the Tea Party stands for. The only issue that gives me pause about Paul is that he seems not to understand that the islamic worlds hate for us stems from their satanic book.

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The EDL are Patriots. Don't ever give up.

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Great critical thinking and analysis. It is a frightening scenario, but I have not heard anything that makes more sense.