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That ANYONE, let alone children, could be treated like this in America today is nothing less than shameful. Good grief, Dollar Tree. Get your stuff straightened out!

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Bwahahaha! I so totally needed that laugh this morning!!
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But can you use it to smoke?
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Well, crud... if only I had gotten to my computer a little earlier... I would have totally shown up for the Romney stump speech at my high school this morning with a big ol' vagina twibbon!
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Love it!!!

I was a huge wrestling fan in my late 20's... back when John Cena was just starting out. I even went to see WWE live a few times. My favorites were always Stone Cold and Triple H.... ahh, the good old days.

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The whole decision (to me at least) just proves that your kids are even more brilliant as individuals and that mom and dad are rock stars when it comes to understanding that.

Besides... I sucked at organized sports (and hated them to boot) and I turned out OK. See what Cam and SH can work up to? ;-)

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Yeah... I'm right there with you... except instead of Yoshi it's Brobee (or some other Gabba friend).

"LM... did you look by your feet?"
*sob, sniffle, sniffle* "Yes."
*looks down at feet* "OH! Mine Grobee!"

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So, we're working with a new resource at Little Miss's school -- this woman has tons of experience working with kids on the spectrum and is just amazing in her understanding. Well, one thing she said that blew me away was "for our kids," (yes, she calls kids on the spectrum 'our kids') -- "I think they need to add a fourth criteria to the DSM... and that fourth criteria should be manipulation."

She cited the exact same reasons Lizbeth shared -- need for control in a situation that they don't have coping skills to deal with. So how 'bout that Lizbeth? You're at least as smart as fancy Cleveland Clinic Outreach lady! ;-)

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I am SO HAPPY for you and the family! Hooray for a wonderful time! --And I can't wait to see part 2 ;-)

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Aww! SH looks SO HAPPY! And wow -- how she has grown!

I'm glad you're finding the right path for both your kids' education <3