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I own a gun cause there is more criminals than there are cops. just as there is more terrorist than there are genvea abiding countries. and i think that system does not work so why should we use it. terrorist are just what they are labled as so we should use there tactics for interigating them. waterbording is week. I can think of more creative ways to inflict pain to gather intel with witch will save the lives of our marines, seaman, soilders, & airman. we as a country have become week. we try to stay politicly correct that is abunch of cr@6. we have been infiltrated in the most highest power in our country. we let it happen and we need to fix it. we empeached before why dont we do it again.

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His government calls me a terrorist but look at what he has done to our country. i have been thinking about what would happen if the southern states would suceed again. no mor oil sold to the north. freeze them out. they all hate oil companies but look at what is made from oil products.