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Typical lamestream media! Why don't you report on the facts? She was speeding to catch the illegals!

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FOX News shot the sheriff, but they forgot to shoot the deputy.

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Jesus was a Jewish carpenter, that means he probably just hired some Mexicans to do the actual heavy work.

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That's funny! Just last night, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Ingersoll and Ernestine Rose appeared in MY dream, and they ALL said God was bullshit.

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In Michigan, one may only refer to ladybits as "cooter" on the House floor.

This is known.

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One does not pick their battles in questions of human rights, nor should they put up to popular vote, but that's a separate issue.

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No, I can't. I can blame him for opposing it for years. Defending DOMA until his base made him stop, continuing to implement DADT after pledging to end it... ACTIONS, can I blame him for those?
But words are nice, too.

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The Amendment also fucks over unmarried victims of domestic violence just to name ONE fucked up thing that will result from it. Too little, too late.

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Speaking as resident of North Carolina, let me ask this to you, Mr President:


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This story will tarnish the otherwise flawless reputation and legacy of the late Andrew Breitbart.