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Absolutely, there is no "Getaway" for Baldwin from McQueen, no comparison at all.

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You state that "There’s always been something missing in any dramatic performance given by Robin Williams..." But not two sentences later you refer to "Williams’ terrific turn as a serial killer in “Insomnia."" I agree with "Insomnia," as I love most Christopher Nolan films, but what was missing from Mr. Williams's portrayal?

Also, I was puzzled by your reference to Tom Hanks in "Road to Perdition." Although Road is a terrific film, I looked at your list as a puzzle of "Which one doesn't belong?" Although Hanks is a great comedic actor, actor overall, he ain't no comedian. A misfit in an otherwise outstanding list and superior to the linked list.

My example is Will Ferrell in "Stranger than Fiction." Yes, it is mostly Ferrell playing himself, but way better than his average fare.

Jim Carrey referenced several times, but his first "serious" role, and still I think his best, is "The Truman Show".

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The photo says it all. Although he is an actor, you can't fake that smile and enthusiasm. Well done, Justin.

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Although I love StH, there is such a thing as overkill, like they do on my local classic rock station. Not retire, but treat it more like a fine wine [whine??]; used sparingly. "Free Bird" isn't far behind.

That being said, radio does not play enough "Kashmir", "The Rover", or any other tune from Physical Graffiti, the best Zep album, with the first CD (or sides 1&2 for those vinyl owners) IMHO the best... ever...

As far as remakes, they're all pretty bad. With what stars make today and the dearth of originality, why don't we just "Occupy Hollywood"? Remakes, prequels and sequels, oh my!

Cheers, Frank

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A couple things:

NPR putting on the facade of "balance" only seems to work with those on the left who believe that NPR is therefore skewing more rightward, while still somewhat to the left of Nancy Pelosi. Interestingly, I read this essay by the brainwashed cognoscenti at my local fishwrap where cliff jumping is a spectator sport:

And if NPR at least pretends to try to be balanced, the same cannot be said for ABC News's Claire Shipman and Jay Carney.

Cheers, Frank

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"CBS boss says no way to 'Jersey Shore'"

Yeah, it really fits with CBS's demographic, if by demographics you mean older than dirt. Appeal to Sumner Redstone! A little corporate nepotism is certainly okay with him!

Cheers, Frank

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looks like classic projection to me. It was, in fact, the reverse. Many more documented instances of wacko plants in Tea Party gatherings. Example:

Gotta get out of here. Putrid...

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Finally, a top ten list that , although I don't agree with every one, I cannot discount any of your picks, and this is true even though I have never heard of "Once." Looked it up on IMDB, although not my cup of tea, I will give it a watch.

"Miller's Crossing" is sublime, didn't watch it until this year, and I'm sorry for the times I missed that I could have watched it. It's that good.

Cheers, Frank

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Hey John,

You state that "One of the greatest pleasures of a television series on home video, be it DVD or streaming, is being able to watch one episode after another."

Ain't that the truth??? A few years ago, that's how my bride and I discovered the joys of "Lost". We didn't watch it when it first came out thinking it was a reality show, a la "Survivor", which I'm proud to say I haven't seen one minute of. Anyway, one of bettyboop's friends visited one day and the subject turned to TV. She asked if we had ever seen "Lost". Both of us ranted that we would never get within arms' reach of any reality show. She then described "Lost", so we went ahead and requested the DVDs through Netflix (this was before streaming). So we watched both Seasons 1 and 2 six or eight episodes at a time over a couple weeks. It was Eden in our bedroom, and quite a letdown when we caught up.

I've DVR-ed Fringe, but I won't watch it until I have half a dozen episodes queued up. That's the only way to watch it, IMO.

BTW... thanks for your Morning Call Sheets. I look forward to each one. Cheers, Frank

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Remember the buzz when BtMN purchased... er... won the Nobel Peace Prize? Apologists were buzzing that it wasn't about what Zero did, but what he was going to do... prescient perhaps?

Anyway, the same applies with Oprah with her zillions, as intimated by many here already.