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Legit cried at work. Goddamn.

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Aunt Acid, you done fucked up. If the LW is the person taking the cat to the vet and giving it meds and loving on it and buying it fucking organic cat food, the LW is the cat's owner. The former roommate can suck it. They abandoned the animal pure and simple and do not deserve to be a pet owner.

Roommate does not get a pass for having a mental illness. They are still responsible for their own actions. And you seem not to realize that an act (throwing the cat!) can be bad enough to warrant serious consequences (no more cat for you!) without being criminally bad.

I'm a pet owner with a mental health diagnosis and I volunteer in animal rescue and I have a LOT of feelings about this. And my feeling about your response is, this is very very wrong.

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My stepdog is a Bichon. She is currently curled up next to me on the couch after eating her dinner with such aplomb that she hurled it back up and then ate it again. Can confirm, everything about them is true.

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Today is my last day of school, ever. I did the standard K-12, then got a BA in four years, worked for seven years, and went back to school in January of 2013 for another bachelor's degree. Finished that a year ago and then did an accelerated MSW. I'm almost 32 and have been a student for 20.5 years.

There is a really good bottle of wine just waiting for me when I get home tonight.

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A huskie I had as a child got her dumb ass sprayed by a skunk TWICE. Nothing, but nothing gets that smell out. Not baths, not vinegar, not douche, not tomato juice. The only reason my mom didn't give up and shave her was that it was late fall in mountainous Northern New Jersey and the fool creature would have frozen to death.

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Go hide, then write a screenplay about it.

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A very conservative friend of mine posted a thing talking about how transwomen using women's bathrooms is traumatizing for some victims of child sex abuse because they could potentially see penises.

What the hell kind of bathrooms are these people using?

I am completely empathetic towards people who have experienced abuse, of course, but I am confused about what type of situation might occur that would lead to someone in a bathroom with stalls inadvertently seeing someone else's genitalia.

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NGL, I would still dump him.

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My boyfriend sent that to me yesterday, knowing I'm about to turn in the results of a year-long master's level research project (and then graduate, yaaaay). We both agreed that if we were in the same boat, the thesis-writer would straight up murder the deleter.