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Depends on who's eyes you are looking thru. The American citizens ,or the American Warrior..Citizen its an outrage, to a Warrior its priceless human intelligence...Know your enemy

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ROE are all ready in place. When NKorea tested the long range missle ,the order was given to shoot it down if it was headed to the US..

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While you watch the right hand saying close Gitmo..Bring them to trial in the US...The left hand has 600 detaines in the prison at Bagram air base, now saying they want to come to the US for trial.. They are building a state of the arts prison at the air base....Supreme court says, Gitmo prisoners can come to US for trial,but Bagram prisoners can,t...The prisoners in Bagram can be kept till the war is over, Gitmo gets speedy trials in US...If they want to close Gitmo, then,send everyone to Bagram.....I forgot this is a promise Obama made to his base.....

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Notice they want this high miles per gallon by 2017 I guess diesel and gas will be the fuel of choice.since he wants the state of Cal emmission standards.

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No they couldn't let the photos of what the terrorist did to the American troops get released,The American people couldn't handle it....

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Military , vets, law enforcement check out ( Oath-keepers.blogspot.com) If you feel this way too. Then join the oath keepers...

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Military Chief Caldera had to have a request from someone in the White House, to authorize the use of the 747 and F16s. The 747 came out of Andrews and the F16s were from Del Air Nationa Guard( Bidens home state). The request has to be at least a week in advance. To file flight plans, clear air space, notify other agencies.. Obama was suppose to be on the 747.His breifing was for 9.00 AM. Due to set up problems at the White House, he missed the flight. Since this was a photo-ops flight they kept to the flight plans.. karma is a bitch...Obama releasing the torture info from CIA files and not giving the facts about how much intel they got ,protecting the US from attacks..What better way then a low flying 747 air craft over NYC for a half hour. to get the message out just how much damage has been done to National Security. White House didnt put much though in to this, leaking out CIA info and a week later photo-ops over 9/11 city..

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When the news media put out that the FBI , was at the Tea Party getting information on the people.. it was a scare tactic to keep you from attending .Anytime there is a large gathering of people there are always undercover law enforcement people there.When protesters are marching down the streets,there are uniformed and undercover law enforcer there.. Obama and McCain rallies,townhall meetings.. Gay rights,Anti abortion parades.This is about security,many outside groups would like to attend to cause trouble...

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Keep the Faith...
Faith.is described as Believe and Trust. Believe....to have a firm religious faith. Trust... assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something..
I too earned the " Eagle Globe and Anchor" Back in the days of "Gung Ho" metal buttons and harringbone utilities..I lived my life believing in" God , Country, Corps and Family". . In the 90s I laid down my Sword and Shield and the only thing that has changed in my life is, Family now comes before Corps . It will only take a momment to pick up my Sword and Shield and be front and center again..
"SEMPER FIDELIS" Latin for ( " ALWAYS FAITHFUL" ) The Marine Corps "Motto"

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If they were serious about stopping guns and drugs then they would let the law enforcement do their job...Not tell them to look the other way..Obama has stopped Mexician truck from cross the border. US Drivers take their loads across the border drop them off, and pick up the the Mexican trailers across the border and bring them into the US..If they were serious about the drugs and guns ,they would install at all crossings the same detection devices thay have at the sea ports. You can sign all the treaties you want , its the enforcement they forget to enforce...