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u know u could tell him that u love him then tell him to stop messing with ur heart and ask him if its for real or not....come out and ask him to stop and make up his mind!

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i dont know what it is like pregant so i had a few questions.....can u feel ur baby move yet....r u going to keep it...is the father involved.....does it hurt being pregant?

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well....once i thought about it (cutting my wrist) but i didnt cuz i know it would hurt and i dont like pain.....you know think of the life u had with ur aunt and think how much fun u had and think she is up there waiting for u when u die....God needed her to be with him as ur gardian angel and just think she is watching u and hoping u do the right think...tell our mom...or dont tell our mom...but u can talk to our aunt and tell her u love her and miss her....then go have fun....life is too short to be depressed or cut ur self....remember she always believes in u (ur aunt) and she is always there right next to u always!