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Must be pretty dull if he was struck and not run through. Sounds like he got off lucky this time.

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Clinton is a little old river town. This kind of publicity was gonna be good for that town for a while if it was positive. Looks like they got crapped on instead. It will only be remembered in jokes about that chicken place by Flav R Flav now.

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KGAN would have used the term "shanked"

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i just want to work in the advertising dept doing the Go Daddy commercials. . .

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make a movie out of this story. it also has an ending that needs to be told. not every confrontation with different races is a race related issue! and definitely not always the fault of caucasions!

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that didnt last long. what D2 school will he play for this fall?

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i think it was Hartwick Marina and Lake Delhi. Now known just as Maquoketa River

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but they allow them to fly formations in shows where they are literally only a couple feet from each other? above huge crowds of people. this was a politically correct solution, but it is not a general consensus. with all the fighting our miltary is doing, we could have used one more pilot with his experience and exptertise. i salute you Maj. Christopher Kopacek.

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love hurts, literally i guess.

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Flash mob doing a rendition of West Side Story or MJ's Beat It?