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So what do you think it is? If we agree that it's not the media, and it's more systemic, then what is it really? Do you agree that it's the population at large? It's our complacency, or ignorance? Naivete?

Funny, cuz after I posted this on my blog today I was driving to Fenway Park to catch the game (the loss) and was noticing how awful the roads are. So many pot holes, so unkept, and I imagined what everyone thinks about our crumbling infrastructure:

"These roads are terrible! When is the city going to fix them already?"

And that's that.

My point: we, the citizens, are so quick to point our fingers, blame someone else, demand that the government just fix it, but pay more taxes? No way! Take responsibility? Be accountable? Attend a city council meeting? Nope.

Eh, I digress...

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Wow, thanks Jen(nifer?)! Really kind of you to say. And hey, we\'re long overdue - let\'s meet up next time you\'re in town!

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Oh very cool Michael! More great stuff. Seems to me that a CU is more personal than even a community bank. What are the other more tangible benefits though?

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Awesome again, thanks for the great info! Its really valuable information for those who dont know anything but big banks. And thanks for the comments!

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Pretty awesome James. Can you explain the big difference between a local bank and a credit union? Some people think that credit unions are exclusive, as you eluded to. But how are some credit unions open and available to the public, and others are not? For example, DCU (Digital Credit Union) used to be only for Digital employees and families. Now anyone can bank with them. How does that happen and how can they still call themselves a credit union??

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Check out the welcome letter from Wainwright Bank. I haven't received my debit card yet, havent even started using the account, but a nice personalized welcome letter just says so much already. And the contents of the letter are equally impressive. Wainwright welcome letter

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Hey Garfield, thanks for the comment. I could not agree more. That very sentiment is what drives my company, It's all about helping the small business, these small brick and mortars, compete with the big boys online and attract qualified local consumers to THEIR business instead of the national chain across the street. Consumers mostly shop with their wallets, and SMBs can compete, they just need to do a better job of reaching these consumers where they are - online.

The numbers are staggering. Something like 70 cents on every dollar spent at, say, Wal-Mart, leave the community. Yet if you shop locally, that amount stays within the community, and in some instances even more. I'm 100% with you, I preach this every day, and do my best to demonstrate it with my consumer behaviors.

We can't complain about potholes, broken streetlights, lack of community policing, crime, etc if we cant also be responsible with where we, as consumers, spend our money. If you shop locally, that money is used locally and eventually goes right back into the neighborhood. I think you and I even spoke about this a few months ago.

Check out this post from my other blog:
And check out The Multiplier Effect:

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here here!

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Awesome pic David!

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That's a great question. Would be so interesting. I get emails once in a great while from about "adding branches" because Geni sees other "trees" with the same last names and wants to connect trees etc. Maybe try Geni to search around for our name(s) and seeing what's there?