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Have you heard of the Volga, a Russian car company that was run by the government and Union and that will be an example for us to compare to.

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I served from 1974 to 1979 in the USAF, primarily part of the 682nd radar squadron supported out of Luke AFB with logistical support from Travis AFB. I was a crew chief radar tech and did TDY in various places in the pacific theater. Worked on search sets, height finders, and IFF (your other blog buddy should recognize IFF if he’s really in the Air Force, of course he sounds like an SP so he wouldn’t know much more then waving people onto base). I could put up my DD-214, but I doubt that would convince you and quite frankly I don’t think you’ve earned that much effort. So, I’d ask you about your service but since you’ve convinced me this thread is no longer useful to anyone, don’t bother. It was your kind who we used to have to hide our service record from just to get a job.

The good news here is that you’ve confirmed something my son who is a 1st Lieutenant in the USAF (Hanscom AFB) told me  – though there are many good men and women serving today there are quite a few ignorant and arrogant ones as well, and they are dangerous to everyone around them, like you for instance.  Willing to shoot before you have any knowledge, like you will when your master (BO) tells you to, even before you know who to shoot at. You’re fooling yourself if you think you’re defending the Constitution by attacking me or anyone else who disagrees with you, quite the opposite.

For anyone silly or masochistic enough to be following this idiotic thread, I apologize for the lunacy, just one caution though. Not all of the military is with you or even smart enough to know who you are so be cautious, especially of the big mouths like 1madscottsman, he’ll get you killed and then blame it on you. Signing off to do something more productive…..

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Since I did serve I have the right to answer the question, but let’s put that aside for now, have you, or maybe you’re one of the ones serving in prison for following unlawful orders. Do you even know what an unlawful order is or what the appropriate response is when you receive one? You assume too much and are comforted too easily by the “knowledge” that every soldier, seaman, and airman will have access to the truth. You might want to read some military history if it doesn’t frighten you too much. You think all the German soldiers in WW2 were bad, or our soldiers didn’t do any bad things? In fact many of the unlawful orders were higher up the chain and as they got passed down many of the orders in and of themselves were lawful.

I find you’re your choice of challenge quite insulting and dishonorable. You obviously feel threatened for some unforeseen reason and see “draft dodgers” around every corner – get some help - your paranoia is far more dangerous than mine, really. An if you’re one of the sick people who actually likes war and killing go to the other side, you’ll be quite at home there believing everything you’re told. Maybe you’re just another acorn fool having some fun, you sound like one since no one else can have an opinion without your approval and you don’t recognize veterans.

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So we’re on a train called Titanic headed for a town called Doom, deep in DOO-DOO territory. We hear soothing music coming from the internal speaker system with faint chanting of “All is well”, “Be not afraid”, and “We are nearing our destination” all in the soothing base voice of a male singer. You look out the window and see that the scenery is painted on the outside and the window is locked. You feel trapped and shout out to no one in particular, “What’s going on!”, “Where are we going?”, “Can’t anyone see what is happening!?” In a panic you rush through the train cars, headed for the engine to confront the Engineer, only to find the door locked. After several minutes of pounding on the door and no response, you find an axe by the fire extinguisher and use it to break open the door. There you find no one, just controls and a little silver box on the drivers chair. You look at the dashboard and see a flashing message in red “Warning – Approaching 2010” cycling over and over. You open the little silver box and it says “Beware of 2012” and closes itself. Ok so how do you get off the train – you don’t. Your gonna ride it through to the end, so do you sit down and cry, hold your head between your knees, or do you start to prepare for your arrival. It’s your call – but this train is going onto its destination and it ain’t stopping for nobody.

PS. You might look around the cabin to see if there are any devices that could, say maybe switch a track ahead of you, you know just in case there might be another possible destination…..

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Timing is everything. Remember that there isn't one world conspiracy, but many empire wannbes, all working to their own ends. The BO progressives are only one wannabe group, but they already have the most powerful country in the world so they will be targets as well as empire builders, we're just collateral damage.

Have you given any thought about N. Korea and their nukes or Irans nukes. Think they want to just launch a single nuke (or even a few) and wait to get hammered? More a foot here, they could do a nuke blast in space and using the earths own magnetic shield to send a crippling EMP wave to cripple high technology on a global scale, and it only takes one nuke configured correctly (probably looks something like a satellite). Even though our military's technology would most likely survive this, yours won't, and nor will your power plants, or commercial airlines and that new car you just purchased. He could then declare martial law without any objections since it would be a forgone conclusion. Kinda level the playing field, so to speak. Just thinkin out loud.....

Be prepared, be very prepared.

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I still have my high school history book from long long ago and compared it with one from a friends high school student and they do not agree on basic facts. I did an internet search, much more thorough then googleing (I have my own bots and spiders) and find that what was printed years ago can't even be found today. I have some books from the early 1800's through the early 1900's that deal with history and their perspective is certainly different then what is printed today. It might be quibbling to get hung up on so called historical facts when the issues are really about now. We can't be just like our forefathers nor can we do exactly as they did. what we can do use understand the principles they operated on and apply them in our culture here and now.

Applying the scientific method to historical events and cultures can only yield probabilities and not certainty. The further back one goes - the less reliable the conclusions derived. We can apply the scientific method to some processes used to evaluate physical evidence, such as was the letter written on paper and in ink from that period, a positive test does not lead to the fact it was written then, only the probability it was. The assertion that this leads to certainty is unscientific. As we build up "evidence" for a conclusion it is built upon many many probabilities which further dilute probabilities. In addition to follow the scientific method requires it to be tested, predictions made, results analyzed. Since H.G. Wells really didn't invent a time machine we are stuck at this phase.

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One more time....
This is not about Obama being worse or better then George Bush. Both have taken us down the progressive path to where we are today so forget the Obama venting. The constitutional rights have been eroding longer then Obama has been alive.

So, you ask for one:
The notion of a Financial Board made up of Foreigners who will set policy for this country. This is an attempt to bypass the Constitutional process of treaty ratification - this since Jan 20th 2009. Under George Bush the Patriot act gives the government the right to hold anyone indefinitely just on the suspicion of being a terrorist. In previous administrations the law that allows the Attorney General the right to define who is and who is not a terrorist (zero checks and balances here) who then under the Patriot act can be detained forever without even knowing the charges against them.

Both Obama and GW Bush took money from us and gave it to the incompetent business heads and confused bankers to save their behinds. This kind of action isn't in the Constitution, but the removal of my property and wealth to aid others who have more property and wealth then I do is mentioned, I don't know - something like tyranny, maybe. There is no provision in the Constitution for the government seizing private business just because they might fail and making me pay for their adventures. Nothing in the Constitution about me having to pay for health care for those unwilling to work hard enough for it, I worked had for what I have I will share it with whom I damn well please. It doesn't say life liberty and the pursuit of my neighbors wealth and property through government force. I'm not looking for a savior, that jobs already taken, I am not interested, as is my right, in any government program other then the common defense and structure to maintain my and others rights. I raised my family with the values I chose and don't give one damn about any one else's values, as is my right, so the government getting involved in how I should spend my time, wealth, and property to help everyone else is unconstitutional and quite offensive. The government trying to impose its value set on anyone is immoral and unconstitutional, the values and principles that this site propose are voluntary and not intended to be imposed by the government. What is Constitutional is for everyone to exercise their rights without infringement from the government so long as exercising my rights does not impinge on some else exercising their rights. The whole hate speech nonsense is out of line with the Constitution, need I go on more....

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You don't recognize him, Belzabub king of the undeworld, always 2nd place and quite frankly not orginial. Be afraid if when they roll away the stone in front of the tomb in the second act he emerges; otherwise its just another metaphore from another wannbe.

I do wonder if he will get a blue helmet when he is crowned king of the UN........

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who thinks of pelosi?

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Let them eat cake was the response of the aristocats in France and seems to be the same here....