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I read something around the time of the Super Bowl that said there was a way that researchers could actually tell which ads were the most popular because of a TiVo feature where it could tell how many times people clicked the rewind button on their DVR to watch the ad again. This, they said, was a much more accurate gauge of the popularity of the ads than the traditional polls.

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How do we know that he won't be in shape. That kind of statement just boggles my mind. By all accounts he's been rehabbing diligently, and the official offseason conditioning hasn't even started yet. I have no doubts at all that Tom Brady will do the work needed to get into terrific shape for the start of camp.

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Well, sort of. Pees was hired here as the linebackers coach and was promoted to DC when Mangini left, so he was indeed promoted from within. His past experience in the BB tree was as Nick Saban's DC at Michigan State.

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Leave it to a Jets fan to brag about knocking the Patriots out of the playoffs with one of the more memorable late season choke jobs in recent memory.

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I hate being right sometimes. Damn Jets.

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I like your thinking Bob - I hope you're right! There's nothing I want more.

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As a wise friend of mine said, " Whenever a team with a great offense and a suspect defense plays a team with a great defense and suspect offense the defensive team wins." This is going to be a tough one for the Patriots.

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I don't think I ever said above that Shaq should be suspended. I said to look at what Garnett did, and look at what Shaq did. If what Garnett did is worth a suspension, why isn't what Shaq did? And Stuckey didn't just "run into" Shaq. He had a wide open layout and Shaq reached out and took him down.

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Dan, if you ever offered something other than "Belichick is a CHEATER" and "The Patriots are ARROGANT", and "Tony MAZZ is AWESOME" I'd love to have you join in more. I appreciate your compliments, though backhanded they may be. Maybe I'm wrong about you, but I don't think so. Plenty of your comments have gotten through to the site, so don't play like you're a total victim here. You also said in a recent comment, which was posted on the site, btw, that you come to the site to laugh at what is said about the media.

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You go to BSMW just to troll. You add nothing to the conversation. Don't tell me you "love reading both sites'. There's plenty of "opposing view" comments allowed, just not yours, which are the same thing every time.