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I think the distinction is really one of use and the savviness of the different pools of users. Facebook is still, at its heart, a *web* destination. Twitter is predominantly a *digital* destination. Sure, twitter has a website, but I'd argue that a high percentage of the interaction via twitter doesn't take place through the website (except for novice users) but through specialized apps and other potentially other devices. I'd even further bet that most of your twitter colleagues are more technologically advanced than the general population and are comfortable existing in a bunch of different mediums -- their sense of self is stronger in different environments and they seem themselves as a constant. I think this is an evolved attitude and reflects a comfort level. The *vast* majority of the world isn't there and the web is still a thing you get to in a browser, on a computer. Facebook's model of engagement is heavily invested in that approach even though they have mobile apps. But, because facebook is a destination, it also ends up being a touch point for heavier interactions -- see zynga, et all, for use as a platform. It tries to do *many* things pretty well. Twitter's a data channel. It doesn't try to do much more than that and any add-on is a small incremental bit (hash tags or lists) rather than being a big slab of meat on the experience.

I don't think it's an OR proposition. While you have a fairly divided population in tech savviness and comfort, both will exist. You'll use them for different things and that makes sense. If I'm hauling lumber from Home Depot, taking the Aston doesn't make a lot of sense. ;)

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Gold is so last year. You're not doing titanium or platinum shirts yet? Or is that for a whole different level of acquisition?

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I think what you're looking at in twenty years is a re-imagining of how we interact with technology in the first place. We're currently constraining ourselves to figuring out how to better interact with today's technology rather than stepping back and asking how we'd really like to interact with our experiences and data. I'll coin the phrase here, "naturalized interfaces", in which technology simply augments the more natural way of looking at data. Companies like Oblong and the new interfaces that you're seeing this year and last at CES are still exploring the potential of what those different technologies can deliver, but in twenty years we should be moving past that. Your ultimate interface is a *blend* of all these different technologies in a way that feels incredibly seamless and natural.

So, maybe instead of doing spreadsheet analysis on a screen, I have a virtual display in front of me (it doesn't matter if it's projected or augmented reality onto my eyeballs - the question is whether it's for a shared or personal experience) and I can physically raise and lower inputs into my analysis either through a tangible object or haptic feedback - the point is that I *feel* the physical manipulation of the input. If I need more granular control, maybe I use the pinch or inverse-pinch popular on early multitouch devices like the iPhone. If I'm reviewing a couple of companies, I toss another business card onto my table which begins to pull the financial data from the cloud to add into my scenario... you get the idea.

I want an interface world where I'm thinking about my interactions in the most natural ways, not conforming to another technology out there. I want my interaction verbs to be the ones I learned in kindergarten -- I want more of this product by adding to a pile of 'stuff' not product++ or sum(a13:a47).

My virtual world and physical world shouldn't be separate worlds to my perception.

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I've been using Runkeeper on my iphone as a tracking tool. It's pretty straightforward, and I like the online integration and results. The only drawback is that it's great when I'm walking outside, not so much for the treadmill at the gym. ;)

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I was at bitter bar last week and left with one of the best evening of drinks I've ever had. They make a brilliant sazerac and even better was the passion Mark Stoddard (our mixologist for the eve) showed for his trade and craft. Lengthy discussions about the merits of absinthe, different kinds of gin, and molecular mixology made it fun, interesting and deeply engaging. I can't recommend the place enough.

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Hm, your last paragraph is timely -- I'm in a conference session right now and paying attention to your blog rather than listening.

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As much as I'm willing to be annoyed by MS's products, they're aiming for a fairly unified environment that's getting more platform agnostic. The next rev of SharePoint should be more standards based and integrates well with their other products. The iPhone's doing incredibly well in the marketplace and Apple's hardware has a pretty dedicated following. If my long-term play is not only the Office suite but also powering the *entire* backend of the next-gen office, I'm sure as hell going to get rid of the excuses anyone might have to look elsewhere for office collaboration.

On the flip side, it doesn't hurt them in any appreciable way. Sure, I'm not going to get a windows mobile device now since my iPhone plays nice, but I was never going to anyway. And, I can even think about dropping my Blackberry Enterprise Server (and separate licensing costs in these tight times) -- at this point, for a huge chunk of my org, Exchange just works. I'm *much* more likely to go through at least the next rev since it's all working pretty well.

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Man, I kept looking at the title in my rss reader and wondering why the hell you wanted anyone that still knew stuff about PowerPC's.

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It amazes me to realize that most of the mountains along the front range were stripped bare of trees to support the mining operations 100-150 years ago. Almost everything that you see now is new growth since then.

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Radarscope - you've got to be a real weather geek for this to be worth the $10 download, but it's real-time doppler radar from all over the US. With the thunderstorms we've been getting in CO this spring / summer, it's been awesome.

Shazam - best music recognizer I've used on the iphone. I use it to remind me of music that I want to buy later.

FlightControl / HarborMaster - similar games that are quick and easy to play.

Kiwi - hands down the nicest wikipedia browser. Formatting of the info for the iphone is top-notch. - because it has ready access to my wishlist so if I'm at a bookstore and want to put my hands on something I can. I also use it in the way intended.

Geocaching - because it's an irregular hobby.

Zen Bound - a surprisingly innovative game that shows off the graphics capability of the phone.