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I don't pay attention to small holidays like April fools. I guess you're right though. Everything on April fools day trolls...

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Sorry about this but Earthbound is not a NES game it is a SNES game. MOTHER was a Famicom (NES in Japan) game. Earthbound is in fact MOTHER 2 in japan on the Super Famicom (Super Nintendo in Japan). Again, i apologize for the Earthbound fan boy nitpicking. Have a nice day.

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Please tell me they are joking. April fools right? I got to 1000 and i just gave up. The "stellar" graphics, "refreshing" gameplay, and "great" music doesn't automatically make it fun. If it did that would be bullshit.

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DUDE THIS IS WHY I LOVE FLUTTERSHY! great games and music make a great pony. this game demonstrates just that. great job! make a episode 2 or make more levels PLEASE!!!

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game made me fall thru the floor. haha

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pretty good

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that was so heartwarming and sweet my heart just exploded twice. thank you for making this game. and yes i already knew that good games dont have to have good graphics. look at chrono trigger or earthbound. those games have CRAPTASTIC graphics... but they are great games.

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i loved it. fun and catchy. MAKE MOAR GAMES!!!

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why are everyone getting minus 5 minus 4s on their comments? i dont get it. well anyway this game was OK. i just did not get it and it was really hard and tested my patience to the limit. but its not bad. just not great.

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love the game. it provides good challenge and is overall a great game. well worth the long wait for a game to come out on eqa