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About time they are starting to stand up the government mob. I am so sick and tired of the mob running our government into the ground.

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Why are people allowed to write articles about events that are daily and show no historical improvement.

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I am just happy to know that I am not alone!

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About time a state stood up to Obama!

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It has become a truly sad day, when our naval power isn't harnessed to eliminate any foreign threat. Particularly pirates, which was the main purpose of having a naval presence, to protect your merchant ships. I am surprised and happy President Obama had the gall to give the order to shoot and kill. I really didn't think he had it in him, but there is no doubt in my mind he did it because they could spin this in his favor, rather than do what was right.

If it was me, I would have already ordered the bombing and strategic hits of Somalian pirates, before rescuing the captain. I would send a clear message. I too have wondered why other country's have sat by idle, with there do nothing politics.

China will be taking over as the world power soon. Just like when we passed Brittan in WW1. We need to deal with these things before we can not afford too, which is coming soon enough. Our 30 years of depression will be here soon.

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I agree! We are already taxed to death. I don't understand why most of american local governments think they have to spend the money if they get it. You are supposed to send it back if you have a surplus. This is why, because when revenues go down you can not upkeep your obligations. They still refuse to lay anyone off too. In Lee County, FL (Fort Myers, FL) the government accounts for 40% of the jobs in the county. That is insane. Cut government jobs! They raised taxes so much over the last 10 years they could afford to hire that many people and until 2 years ago had a surplus almost in the 100's of millions. Collier County (Naples, FL) did have a surplus in the 200-300 million for a few years. They couldn't spend it fast enough. Never once did any municipality ever issue a refund.

This is why you should not be allowed to work in any government if you do not have accounting experience.

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Kudos to Hawaii residents!! If you want something done right, do it yourself!

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Biden was always a big gaff, nothing new here.

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A comb, keys and tongue depressor is so sad. I can not believe they suggest that.

In Florida, we can carry concealed weapons with a permit. It has to be hidden at all times. People can't know you have it on you. God forbid, you do fire it in self-defense, it is against the law for anyone to see it. They sell fanny packs so that you can unzip both sides and shoot without exposing it. It is a bit ridiculous.


I feel that if more criminals thought that more people were carrying guns they wouldn't even chance it. Who would rob a bank or gas station if you thought that customers were carrying guns?

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Send in the Marines damn it! The whole point of having a naval presence is to protect your country's ships!