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Aaah, Limbaugh. This pathetic scumbag overweight, uneducated, draft-dodging, 4-times -married (with NO kids), drug-addicted bully is the leader of the conservatives? Thank GOD I'm a liberal!

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Let's start with the undocumented aliens, AKA Teea-baggers, who actually created and perfected the art of shouting down democracy.

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This Hewitt fella should stick to his BS on the radio (I assume he is another one of those conservative morons on radio). He ain't gonna cut it as a poet.

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Shocking news.
R. I. P. Andrew. You will be missed.
Although I disagreed with your political views, I admired your steadfast support for conservative ideology.

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Darned communist Obama controls the world gas supply and he is using that to increase the price of gas and hurt GM, the company that he, as the avowed communist, rescued and made #1 car company in the world.....

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Yep, Obama controls the world supply of oil.

Conservatives......taking pride in always.

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Darned 'Communist' Obama conspired to make GM the largest auto company in the world, so he can undermine America.

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These candidates are such clowns, even non-comedians can find enough material with these morons!!!!

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Yeah, Obama can go home. Romney is the creator of Obamacare so Romney can easily pick up where Obama leaves it. Obama can take care of more important things like Bin Laden, Awlaki, Gaddafi etc. Hahahaha....

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GO-ogle, Santorum, GO-ogle!!
Let's GO-ogle, Santorum, Let's GO-ogle!