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Hahaha, okay, but that is amazing. (and now it's playing in my head too, so, solidarity!)

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Just, uh, gonna step away and discreetly cry into my coffee for a moment.

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...oh my god, I missed this somehow. Oh no :(

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There was a whole line of cooling/refreshing eye creams/pencils! Which I had totally forgotten until just now (I used "cool beans" because my mom was very explicitly against any non-taupe eye makeup).

No lie, I would 100% wear that stuff again. I'm old, I need any potential depuffing/cooling/lifting action my eyelids can get.

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Nor me.

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the most feminine of all aspects: the look of being chained.

I audibly cringed (which, for the curious, is a sound somewhat like "eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh," accompanied by a physical movement resembling an attempt to forcibly withdraw the head directly into the torso through the neck and shoulders).

this is great & I clearly need to actually track down and read Mary Poppins.

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Welp this is a super late reply, but I wanted to say I really enjoyed your essay, I have been deeply curious about your conversion process, and am deeply envious of your God thing, and it sparked some thoughts I have been skirting around and am interested in/terrified by.

I have had bad moments where I have asked for assistance here/on the Pin + from my little IRL community + from an empty room + anybody who might have been listening in it. No reply so far from anyone but my community + from the wonderful Pinners/Toasties. It doesn't help that I have super specific preferences for what reply I would like - like, could Mary - either or both of the Catholic tradition or any of the Marys from the various syncretic traditions - be there? Anyone from any tradition is fine, but I would prefer a female-identifying person! Pls? - so that's not helpful.

It also doesn't help that I, staunch atheist raised by 1 staunch atheist & 1 deeply anti-religion atheist, would interpret anything as being a product of my broken mind. It thirdly doesn't help that I am, staunch atheist or no, already deeply terrified of the whole demon/possession trope (see: broken mind, overwhelming fear of loss of control, etc., etc., I really identify with Alex Reagan on The Black Tapes) and so I feel like opening myself up to believing in something higher would also mean opening myself up to believing in that, and ... that is genuinely, 100% terrifying to me.

And that puts me at kind of a stopping point. But it was a really beautiful essay.

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Just gonna, um, go cry quietly and throw up in the corner for a little bit, bye

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....are we married? Am I married to everyone in this thread? Because I do this & I don't know why & am thus far unable to stop, to the point of apologizing for having apologized for something that is demonstrably not my fault. It is deeply frustrating for all parties.