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We've asked the county for the list for that very reason, but they are keeping it confidential. Last night, the reason that they gave us, was that they were concerned people would go on dangerous rescue missions.

- Brittany Anas

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Hi, all,

Brittany Anas here (I'm the reporter of the article).

I want to apologize for listing the wrong cross street. I've had a correction attached to the article & updated the article with accurate information.

I just returned from the demolition site, and want to note that this is an early version of the article -- and a follow-up from a story we ran when we first found out that the College Inn was set for demolition. Notice came about at a Boulder Campus Planning Commission meeting a while back.

The demolition phase will continue for about three more weeks, though the excavators will remain on site until the end of the project. Right now the workers are separating out concrete, rebar, and other materials for recycling. Once those materials are carried away, they will pull out the foundation.

Because I very much value the different roles of newspapers and public relations, I want to point out that this follow-up story came about because I noticed the construction and thought it was worth getting a photo and some updated information about the project.

Thanks for reading. I can also be reached at 303-473-1132 or


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Hi! Brittany Anas here from the Camera.
The article is a preview of the Board of Regents meeting. I think we'd be remiss to not mention some of the other items the board will be hearing/voting on -- so I provided a brief context of the budget, diversity update and political diversity resolutions. The Glenn Miller renovation is just one item on a pretty packed agenda.

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Good point. Thanks for the feedback.
- Brittany Anas

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Carl, Brittany Anas here from the Camera. I'd invite you to our newsroom for a tour. You'd see that we're far from a bitter crew. In fact, I've got a Hula-Hoop at my desk and we've got a music studio on the same floor as our newsroom, where local musicians regularly stop by for guest appearances and recordings. If you'd like to stop by some time, shoot me an e-mail at ... I'd be happy to be your tour guide.

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Amendment 46 was called the Civil Rights Initiative.

- Brittany Anas

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No, the compensation pool is what's used to allocate annual raises. For example, there was a box provided with today's presentation of the chancellors' and vice presidents' salaries, which were the same as last year.

- Brittany Anas

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Hi, there is green shaded box embedded in the story where you can find information on where to get tickets.

- Brittany

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Wow! I'm really enjoying all of your college roommate stories!

My college roommate was on David Letterman's "stupid pet tricks" for letting a duck eat cottage cheese out of her mouth. It's the closest I've been to fame.

- Brittany Anas

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Hi, there. I should note that I contacted folks at CU's Student Outreach Retention Center for Equity and Professor Maeda, asking for their thoughts about the video once it surfaced.

- Brittany Anas